All Out, All Game, All Season!


The team has worked together while staying united and fighting in every game prevailing to achieve their goal of first place in league.

Despite returning a core group of players, the volleyball team got off to a rocky start by dropping four of their first five games.

Considering most of the losses were against teams in higher divisions, Coach Jose Ramos wasn’t worried. He said, “This was done by design, so that when we face our league teams the competition will not be as high.”

The expectations were high coming into this year, since the team returned six seniors. Of the six, five were returning varsity players who started last season, giving the team an advantage in experience.

“Last year’s volleyball season was successful placing second in league, leaving a few veterans behind to continue and surpass the success of last year,” said Ramos. Senior outside hitter Yadira Nava said, “We have had our ups and downs, but what team hasn’t? The more we work as a team the better we play. Teamwork and respect towards one another is all it takes to achieve our goal of becoming league champs. I believe in us.”

When league began, the girls focused on unity and teamwork to make their talent show on the court while playing to their full potential. Ramos said, ”I feel that our best players give our up-and-coming players something to shoot for. They show players how successful they can be with hard work. The younger players follow the lead of our veteran players and it makes a difference.” Through seven games, the team is undefeated in league and had won first place in gold at an Alisal held tournament. Ramos said, “A few things that I wanted to instill in the girls were to take pride in playing at home and to believe that our team is good and can play at a high level.”

Two key players on the volleyball team are senior middle blocker Nicole Gomez and junior Brenda Hernandez. There are teams who have had to game plan for Gomez and this opens more opportunities for other players. Gomez said, “I think that the team we have this year is better than the one from last year. This year’s team started off to a rocky start, but we were able to get through as a team and stay united. This year we have players with outstanding skills and a determination to win league this year. All the girls have the same mindset of being league champs.”

According to Ramos, “Hernandez has stepped in as the team’s libero, has been extremely productive, displays hustle, and hard work every day.” Hernandez said, “At first I was really scared because I had never been a designated back row player and there was a drastic change in positions. I had to adjust from being a setter, but I worked hard and believed in myself. Now I’m confident and I love being libero during every game. I want the opponent to hit the ball to me so I can dig it. I love the rush I feel when I am about to pass a ball.”

The success of last year’s team would have caused a move up to the A league based on their second place finish last season, but they stayed put in the Pacific Division. He said not moving up to the A league is a good thing for the team, “As history shows, we are not yet that caliber type of team. With the continued success we have had, we hope to be there soon.”

Ramos’ expectations for this year’s volleyball season are to beat last year’s league results of 9-3 and their overall of 18-13, which they are well on their way to beating. He also says, “We want to win league and make a run to advance in CCS.” To have a grasp at securing the league title, the team has to win at the minimum three more games. Also, as long as the team keeps pushing and remembers what Ramos says, “Complacency kills,” they should be able to obtain their goal.