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Couple being intimate with each other surrounded by people who find it disturbing.


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Couples. They seem to be everywhere in high school these days. In every nook and cranny of this school. There’s no way in getting away from them, especially if they are showing their affection out in the open for all to see. Awesome, right?

Actually, no. I’m not hating on couples, but I’m hating on what they do out in the open. Now, I understand that when you find that perfect match, it’s hard to not show that person affection. It’s natural for couples to kiss and hug and all those intimate things. However, literally eating each other’s faces when I’m trying to get to my locker is a big no.

It’s not just near lockers where couples are showing their affection, but out in the open like in the lunch area, in the hallways, or behind the portable classrooms. It’s not just a simple peck on the lips or on the cheek, but full on makeout session. It looks as if each is trying to consume the other, body and soul. And let’s not forget the part where the boyfriend is grabbing the girlfriend’s buttcheeks. Honestly, horrible.

Now, I’m not the only one who’s disturbed about seeing these things. A fellow classmate of mine, Evelyn Luquin, has had a run in with couples a few times. She says, “The school is no place for a makeout session. There is no class that’s called Kissing 101. Get a room.”

It’s not just single people who are hating on the affection, but some couples don’t like it either. Kaymarie, a classmate of mine from Journalism, has a boyfriend, and it disturbs her when she sees couples who are getting intimate with each other. “It makes me feel uncomfortable when I see other couples having a full on makeout session. That kind of thing should be in their own time in their own space and not here at school. School should be for learning and not a place for couples to do their thing. I don’t feel comfortable doing it, they should do the same.”

There’s nothing wrong with being in a relationship just as long as you know the boundaries of where to be intimate. It’s nice to show off your significant other, but do so politely, please. No one wants to see kissing or grabbing while they’re walking in the hallways. Do us all a favor -Respect other people (and yourself) in the hallways.

By Cassandra Reyes

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