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Walking in the Hallways

Students navigate the crowded hallways during passing period.


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You’re walking down a hallway, which is most likely crowded, trying to get to your destination on time. However, when you get to your destination you’re just scraping the hour or even arriving late. Who do you owe this to? You owe it all to the walkers who were in front of you taking their sweet time.

It is quite frustrating being stuck behind the slow walker, especially when you have to get somewhere in eight minutes. You only get eight minutes, not nine, not ten, but eight, to get from one class to the next. I’m pretty sure it takes less than eight minutes to get to your destination maybe even five for the average walker, yet there are people who are lollygagging it.

Personally, I have dealt with slow walkers from time to time and it’s quite annoying. It’s even more annoying when I have to take the bus home. I constantly have to elbow people out of the way in order to get there on time. The people who are victims of my vicious elbowing always give me an awful glance that could kill me, if looks could kill; they look at me as if it was my fault that I elbowed them. If they were walking a tad faster, then they wouldn’t have to go through the trauma.

It’s even worse when I step on the back of their beloved shoes, then again they wouldn’t be going through this if they were to simply walk a little bit faster. I’m not the only one who goes through this constant struggle of catching the bus on time, senior Daisy Gallardo says, “I get irritated because many of them try to take their time to walk. Especially after school because I’m in a rush to take the bus and they like purposely get in my way, so I end up getting there late.”

Besides the slow walkers, there are also those people who walk in a horizontal line in the hallway. It’s like why would you want to walk in a horizontal line? Are you guys trying to be Gandalf, from the movie Lord of the Rings, and be like “You shall not pass”? Don’t you see people trying to get somewhere, like to class on time? I don’t understand why they decide to walk in a straight line, like is there some magic hidden behind it that I don’t know of. Can someone please explain it to me? It is even more so annoying when they walk really slow. It’s like people have places to be.

I’m not the only one who shares the same frustration of these slow walkers. Senior Cassandra Reyes said, “I feel frustrated and useless because I’m trying to get to my damn classroom. I’m trying to get my education and the person in front of me is taking their time walking and I can’t get around them because they have a row of people that are walking at the same pace as them and I feel rude on trying to get past them. It is an everyday struggle.” Senior Federico Guzman feels the same way about these walkers, “People have places to be. It depends because if I am walking with someone I don’t care, but if I’m by myself then I am frustrated.”

In order to make the hallways a better place to walk in, we must come to some kind of consensus and develop a system that would make the walking experience easier. Maybe having a PBIS lesson where the students would be taught on the proper hallway walking etiquette. This lesson will demonstrate the basic walking etiquette, everyone walking at a reasonable pace and/or having designated lanes for the slow walkers, average walkers, and fast walkers (those who can’t figure which is what there will be labels/signs hanged). Having this etiquette in place, it would help navigate the sea of people with ease. If the PBIS lesson doesn’t work out then Link Crew can advocate this hallway walking etiquette to the incoming freshmen, nipping the problem in the bud. But in the meantime, please do us all a favor and walk faster.

By Evelyn Luquin

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Walking in the Hallways