What Streaming Service is Best for you?

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What Streaming Service is Best for you?


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There are many on demand streaming services available for you to choose from, but have you ever wondered which one is right for you? You can choose from services like HBO, Youtube TV, DirecTV Now, but there are three most used streaming services that people prefer – Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. But which one of these three options is right for you?

One thing that is important to look at is price. All three services offer different prices with different options. Hulu’s prices range from $8 per month for a regular service including limited commercials, Hulu Originals, full seasons of shows, and hit movies. Then it goes to $12 per month for the no commercials service. You are able to stream on only one device at a time but you can access your account on as many supported devices as you want.

Amazon Prime’s prices range from $11 per month or $99 annually, with both the same regulations and features, including 4k ultra HD, cloud storage, video and music streaming, and sharing your account with unlimited people.

Netflix’s prices range from $7.99 to $13.99. The $7.99 is for unlimited shows and movies, along with your first month free when you first sign up, but you are only allowed to watch shows and movies on one device. Netflix also offers a price of $10.99 which comes with the same regulations as the first price, but the difference is that it offers HD and you are able to watch shows and movies on two devices at a time. The last offer Netflix offers is the $13.99 which it offers the same regulations as the first two, including the HD, but it also offers Ultra HD and you are able to watch shows and movies on four devices at the same time.  

Another thing you should think about while choosing which streaming service is good for you is the content. Netflix offers a variety of content, including original shows Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black, and Santa Clarita Diet, along with full seasons and new content each month.

Both Hulu and Amazon prime offer the same types of content, but when it comes to Amazon Prime you have to pay for TV shows that are currently airing and on Hulu you have the option available to watch shows that are currently airing for free after 24 hrs after it airs. Except that both Hulu and Amazon Prime offer the rest of the following: full seasons, their own originals such as Shut eyes, The Path, and The Mindy Project; which are on Hulu; Transparent, Mozart in the Jungle, and Alpha House which are on Amazon Prime, and hit movies along with kids shows.

When you get your service you think, “Now what do I watch there are so many options, but which one is good enough to get started with?” Well, there is a variety of content to look at in all three services as explained above, but each streaming service has it own top watched.

Some shows that you are able to watch on all three of the streaming services are The Walking Dead, Supernatural, Glee, New Girl, and Grey’s Anatomy, along with others. Shows like Family Guy, Modern Family, American Dad, The Simpsons, Law and Order, and Agents of Shield as well as many more are Available on only Hulu and Amazon Prime, but not on Netflix.

Netflix provides many shows as well, some of their shows that they provide are Riverdale, The Originals, Thirteen Reasons Why, The Vampire Diaries, as well as many more. Netflix top most watched show of 2018 so far is Stranger Things.

Hulu’s top watched are Seinfeld, Atlanta, Black-ish, Regular Show, Adventure Time, Marvel’s Runaways, and many more.

Amazon Prime offers shows like Breaking Bad, The Tick, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Man in the High Castle, Downton Abbey, and many more options to choose from.

Personally, I have, and love, Netflix. I decided on Netflix because of its variety of different TV shows and movies. I love watching old shows that I didn’t grow up watching such as Friends which is my go to and favorite show of all time and they also offer One Tree Hill and That’s 70’s Show is another of my favorite go to shows.

But I also love Netflix because it offers new TV shows that I didn’t know existed. The streaming service also gives me notifications on TV shows or Movies that I might be interested in such as Clueless, Grey’s Anatomy, and When We First Met. One of the shows that I’m really into at the moment is Cable Girls which is a Spanish telenovela from Spain. Netflix provides me with entertainment from different countries not just from the United States. I am able to watch shows or movies from Mexico, Spain, India, and many more that Hulu and Amazon don’t include. Hulu and Amazon only provide shows from Japan.

All three options are great choices, as they all offer different options like TV shows, hit movies, originals, and reasonable prices, but the winner (for me) for overall is Netflix with its great content and many options along with reasonable prices from $7.99-$13.99.  

By Adriana Garcia

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