Time management

Ms. Rose using her free period productively to get her work in order.


Going out with friends, watching a movie, or even taking a nap might seem like a luxury to various teens. This seems to be the case for students that are juggling sports, clubs, and AP classes. With these challenges, students must adapt to the changes and learn how to manage their time wisely. Without time management, their lives would be in complete chaos.

What most busy students do is create a routine. This can be knowing what homework to start with or when to do it. Some might do their work between classes, during lunch, and even after school. “I start with English and carry on with bio, Spanish, math, art and health. I also categorize what is better for me and more efficient based on my schedule,” says Ernie Vela, Junior at Alisal High School. A look into Ernie’s schedule consists of four AP classes and various clubs. For example, Ernie stated “I am in CSF, the California scholarship federation, and we use our intelligence to give back to our community.” He is also in the ping pong club and goes to class meetings. He stated that his classes take up a lot of his time and he finds himself doing his work during lunch in order to keep up with his active schedule.

Although it might be hard to imagine living in commotion, Ernie is not the only student who goes through this.  Being in sports and clubs can have an effect on how many students manage their time. This is because practices can take up two to three hours and clubs have meetings outside of class. These attributes can result in a problem for students with hectic schedules. This seems to be the case with Alexandria Soto, a Junior at Alisal High School . According to Alexandria, “I am in postpone, the yes project, and I was in cyclovia. I was also in link crew in the beginning of the year but I had to drop it because I didn’t have enough time and there were a lot of meetings.”

Other students have different ways to keep up with their daily schedules by managing their time. For instance, Gustavo Martinez, who is currently a Sophomore at Alisal High School, has no issues with his schedule. He is exceeding in his academic work and participating in sports like cross country and track and field. He even has an excessive amount of free time. Gustavo’s strategy is finishing his work during class in order to not have any homework and in the rare occasion when he does have homework, he does it right after school. Gustavo stated,” I show up to tutorials and stay as long as I can in order to make sure my schoolwork is on track with my sports. ”

Alisal High School provides students with all week tutorials while other schools only have a limited amount of teachers who partake in tutorials every other day. This is a way students can manage their time after school. It gives them an opportunity to work after school and eliminate some mayhem from their day. Jason Chamberlain, an english teacher at Alisal High School, highly recommends students to attend tutorials. He also suggested, “Prioritize what’s important, complete those tasks first. Do your assignments before your play or relax so you have a reward to look forward to. That way, when you’re playing or relaxing you won’t have the burden weighing over your head.”