Social media cons

Are we too addicted?

Social media cons


Has social media become an issue? With technology quickly improving there are so many ways to reach out to social media. We see it everywhere; phones, tablets, computers, and TV – social media is becoming a big issue. Many people are at risk and are putting their lives or health in danger when it comes to social media.

Social media destroys one’s self-esteem. We always see posts on different sites such as Facebook or Instagram etc. There are people posting good pictures of themselves and these pictures usually make others feel bad about themselves. Most of the times these pictures are not always portraying who the person really is in their everyday life. People tend to always share their “Best Life”, but most of the times their everyday lives are not really like that. All of these posts, likes, comments, etc. leave others to overthink. Teens ask themselves, why can’t I look like that?, what do they have that I don’t? These type of thoughts give teenagers depression. In today’s world, depression has been and is becoming a bigger issue. Cyberbullying has also been a big problem emerging from social media. We see others posting rude comments on other’s posts. This leads to the victims becoming isolated. Then this can also lead to depression and other negative thoughts.

The use of too much social media will destroy a person’s socializing skills. People will be used to texting someone and when it comes to actually speaking to the person in real life, they will most of the time not know how to carry out a conversation. Too much social media will also decrease people’s productivity. While they are lurking through their social media accounts they could have been exercising or doing some work. It increases the levels of procrastination in one’s lives. Social Media is a big distraction and causes a lack of focus.

Sometimes there will be too much information shared online. Anything that is shared online will stay online. Things put up on the internet will not be brought back down or erased. People’s identities will get stolen and cause many problems. (Problems financially and emotionally). Too much information is being shared. All of this information and lack of privacy also attracts predators.

Teenagers’ sleeping habits become dangerous by having their phones with them all the time and having the constant urge to check their notifications. Social media usage before bedtime affects and disturbs teenagers sleeping habits in many ways. There is a blue light emitted from the electronic devices such as laptops and phones which disrupts the circadian rhythms (sleep-wake cycle). This causes us to be awake when we should be sleeping. The news or any information that the teenagers have read before bed also plays a part in their sleeping habits. If they read something that will pile up in their head all night then they will most likely stay up all night focusing on that information.  

Technology has been quickly developing. While it is seen everywhere, social media is not a very positive thing. It causes too many problems and distractions as well as placing people in many risks and dangerous situations.