4 years in review


They say high school is the best time of your life; however it has been a mixed bag for me. It has been an up and down roller coaster these last four years, but I have learned valuable lessons at Alisal High.    

One of the things that shaped me into the person I am today were the teachers. I had good ones and bad ones, and while I wasn’t the brightest student, I wasn’t the dumbest student either. I excelled in some subjects, and in other subjects not so much.

I was never good at math, that had been my worst subject since I began middle school. I remember passing Math 1, but as soon I had to take Math 2 I started to fail at every math course I took. I remember specifically one time I had this certain math teacher who straight up told me out of the blue I was going to end up at Hartnell. However, I was legit just sitting there writing an equation in my notebook. It was kind of funny because he went to Hartnell himself, so he was pretty much degrading himself as well.  In the end, my transcript shows I passed all three courses.

I feel like the most challenging class I have taken was APUSH, it was stressful for me. In the beginning, I thought I really loved history until I took the class. If I were in a better state of mental health and had some better studying skills, I probably had a better chance at passing the AP exam. One class that stood out to me was ethnic studies, it felt good to learn about my own race and find my own identity. It led me to want to pursue some sort of study in college for that subject.

I would also say I had pretty bad English teachers except for Ms. Pulido, I like her creativity. I remember my sophomore year all we did was watch horrible Netflix movies and did NoRedInk the whole period. Junior year, all we did was yoga in class and talk about the American dream. I really did feel like I lost some brain cells and that’s why I’m very bad at simple writing.

A class I enjoyed greatly was chemistry with Mrs. Gonzales. The labs were so cool, I was always amazed by them. At the end of the year, we made homemade ice cream and we created our own sundaes, it was fun. I also loved Mrs. Ward’s Biology class; she is one the funniest teachers I had and she knew how to keep class going.

The classes that I had helped me gain new friendships. We not only go to school to learn, but also to socialize with our friends. I feel like this is the fun part about school. Then you have break during lunch to rejoice and talk about current topics.

Although all the high school friendships didn’t stick, I am forever grateful for the ones I have right now because they have been there for me through my struggles, cheering me up, and supporting me.

My senior year has brought me great memories with my friends. From my friend Franky always having the wildest thoughts, to Laura cheering me up when I’m feeling low, Matthew Criticizing me for my taste in music, Paola who supports me on my choices, Jazmin putting in her two cents, Patty’s sarcasm, to Arturo’s awkward moments, Natalie being a trusted friend. They have made my four years amazingly great.

High school came with regrets and lots of mistakes, but I learned from most of them and others throughout the process. While not everything was great about my time at Alisal, it was great for the most part. I feel like high school is like the practice and college is the playing field. I learned a lot from the mistakes and I plan to better myself and motivate myself to accomplish my future goals.