Bucket list ideas


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Everyone has a dream as what they want their life to be, they may not necessarily plan their whole life, but they still have a dream. Setting up goals helps us plan our future to at least have an idea of what to do to be who we want to be.

Having a bucket list is a way to keep track of your goals and by when you want to accomplish them. Why have a bucket list? A bucket list is an easy and fun way to keep track of goals you are trying to complete before a certain time. Most commonly before you pass away, but you can create a bucket list for the time before you leave high school or college. Creating a bucket list can take a few minutes or hours depending on how many things you want to do.

It’s best to start off with some things you would like to do in a month or a year, limiting yourself with ideas you can do below $100 or you can do inside your home town. For example, bowling, ice skating or roller skating, playing mini golf, or even going to the zoo. All of these activities are fun ways to pass time while completing something you have always been wanting to do. There’s many things to do that don’t require money: hiking, camping, visiting the beach, watching a sunset or sunrise at a beach, making a picnic and spending the time stargazing at a park.  

Then moving on to things that you can’t do now but still wish you could do in 5, 10, 15, or 20 years. For example, buying a car you’ve always wanted, like a 1963 Chevy Impala Z11, a 1969 cherry red Mustang, or for people with more money, a Lamborghini. In 5 years maybe finish with all your studies, finishing college with a bachelor’s degree. In 10 years, have no debt, especially for the people who took out loans for school. Having a “cushion” of safety to have money saved away in case of an emergency. In 20, 30 or even 40 years, have a big family, to have plenty of grandchildren to annoy you to buy them gifts, have a career in which it enables you travel the world, and just be happy with yourself, happy with the person who you have become, and happy with your life.


Why have a bucket list?


Senior Maria Ponce said, “There’s things I want to accomplish before I do. At the top being either skydiving or Coachella because it’s a new experience that I haven’t tried before.” Senior Paola Mojica said. “Just having a bucket list makes stuff more real and priority. One of the things at the top of my list is to travel the world.”

These are my top 5 things I want to do before I die. Something that I am sure is on someone’s bucket list is travelling the world. But yet again who wouldn’t want that, to just leave all worries behind and take few months of the year to travel the world -Italy, France, Brasil, Grece, Hawaii, London, Fiji – basically fill a passport with stamps from all around the world. Traveling can be such a wonderful thing, trying new foods, and experiencing new cultures different to what you are used to. Going to a concert something to this day which I have not experienced, what’s better than jamming to music you love at a high volume? I would like to attend a concert by one of my favorite artist, Billie Eilish, her music has brought me pain and happiness to music I can relate to. We’ve all seen a movie in which the guy performs some crazy stupid act to win the girl over or just to be romantic, in the rain. That brings me to my next item on my bucket list, to do some scene that could be in a movie under the starlight or the rain. One reason is it looks like fun just being in the rain being dramatic and such, despite that I just love the rain, just how dark the world turns when clouds take over and it starts raining. Learning to say yes more instead of no. I myself don’t usually like experiencing new things, and by learning to say yes more I can find things I might actually like and be a bit more outgoing. Last but not least, own a house and make it into a home. Anyone can buy a house but not everyone can make it into a home.

When writing a goal or a desire on a piece of paper it becomes more of a real thing. We all have a book we’ve been meaning to read but never seem to have the “time”, or clean the closet or attic, or just trying something new. By having it in a list it becomes a greater tendency to do it or complete it. I would recommend it to other people who just want to make their goals to seem more real, who want to get their goals straight and actually do something they’ve always wanted to do.