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Zaira Hernandez
Many people hear the word rat and they flinch, but not Zaira. She has an adoration for rats because they don’t get as much appreciation as other animals. As expected, her favorite movie is Ratatouille. Zaira Hernandez is currently a sophomore at Alisal High School. She believes that Alisal High School cares for their students to do well and everyone is friendly here. Something interesting about Zaira is that her parents didn't pick her name like commonly done, but rather her cousin and sister chose it. One of Zaira’s secret talents is getting people out of their comfort zone and making them talk. Zaira is always energetic, according to her friend Priscilla “out of nowhere she gets random outbursts of energy” a way for her to pump herself up is by saying “let's gooo!!” every time she finishes a math problem. If she had to choose her favorite food to eat, it would be pasta because in her opinion “pasta is the best thing she has ever eaten.” Zaira decided to join the yearbook and journalism class because she has a passion for taking pictures and writing stories.

     Zaira’s hobbies are track and field and playing soccer. Participating in sports is a way for her to show her competitiveness. She is able to help her soccer team by being left defense and show her throwing skills in track. If Zaira is not playing sports, she’s home watching The Walking Dead on Netflix.   


By: Luisa Sanchez

Zaira Hernandez, Journalist

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