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Amy Islas, Journalist

At first glance, you might not realize how great of a person Amy is. However, once you get to know her through, she’s pretty cool in her own style. Having been born in North Carolina and then moving to Salinas, California, Amy is currently a 17 year old senior at Alisal High School. During her senior year, some classes Amy has chosen to take are Woodshop, Economics, and Yearbook. One of her dearest English teachers from Junior year recommended Amy to take yearbook which she then took in consideration and decided it would be a great and different experience and so far, she is enjoying it. Striving for success and wanting to continue in school, Amy desires to attend MPC after she graduates high school and then wishes to start a fresh life and live in a different country which she is still indecisive about. First encounters with Amy are quite discreet, but the more you get to know her, she is quite friendly and nice. Some interesting qualities about Amy are that she adores wearing Vans, eating out at fast food restaurants with her friends, and kicking back at home watching her favorite shows such as “That 70s Show” and “Sons of Anarchy.” As most people do, Amy enjoys the vibe of listening to music. The type of music she will listen to on a daily basis will all depend on her mood of the day. It can one day be Hip Hop, and the next Country, it all varies on the type of day and mood which is totally relatable. In about 10 years from now, Amy imagines herself working in an office. This is one of her dreams however, she isn’t sure what kind of office and business she would like to work for. She might just think of starting her own business one day. One thing that was quite noticeable about Amy is that she has a nose piercing on the left side of her nose. The whole idea behind it was that Amy and her sister were having a conversation at Thanksgiving dinner and her sister announced that she wanted a nose piercing and well of course, Amy wanted in. It was an intense decision, but she really liked the result and wishes to get an eyebrow piercing in the future. All of this goes to show how interesting and cool of a person Amy is.

By: Blanca Salazar

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Amy Islas