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Ema Garcia, Journalist

You might know Betsy Garcia as Ema Garcia. She has five family members, two of them being her sisters. Betsy got her nickname (Ema) from her sister and her having an argument and both getting  mad at each other which caused them to stop talking. It must have been a long time since they talked to each other because her sister forgot Betsy’s name so she just called her Ema and the name stuck. Her sister might also call her Karen, Elisabeth, listen Linda and/or negative Nancy.

Ema doesn't like chocolate due to her birthday being February 12, which is so close to Valentine's Day. Ever since Ema was little, she would receive a lot of chocolate and days later she would receive even more chocolate on Valentine's Day. It may not sound so bad, but imagine getting chocolate for sixteen years two days back to back, so in the end she just ended up giving all the chocolates she received to her mom. Ema also likes the color blue because blue gives her a calming vibe and reminded her of the sky. Ema has four dogs, four cats, one ruster, and eleven chickens but her favorite pet is her small black chihuahua named Molly, she said “I spoil her so much.” If you would to walk into Ema’s front yard, her dog would not bark or growl but just straight up attack you and rip your jeans.

Ema’s favorite movie is Pirates of the Caribbean; she also likes Stitch from “Lilo and Stitch,” Jack Skeleton, and the old Mickey Mouse, she said “When I was a baby I would always watch Lilo and Stitch or Mickey Mouse. I like Jack because it’s just a movie where it shows that you really shouldn't try to be someone you're not and just be who you are. I have always liked that it looks like old fashioned.”

Ema’s a regular high school junior at Alisal High School participating in many sports and clubs like; Be YourSelf Club (BYC), Tennis, Soccer, Powderpuff, and Track & Field. Ema is taking a Yearbook/Journalism class because she wants to improve her writing skills and contribute more to her school in editing,


By: Abraham Murillo

All content by Ema Garcia
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March 5, 2019


October 5, 2018
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Ema Garcia