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Jennifer Rivera

Jennifer Rivera, Journalist

If you were to look at a large crowd of people, Jenny would catch your eye. She may be shy at first but once you get to know her, you’ll find she has a bright personality and is a very relatable person. The three words she chose to describe herself were shy, awkward, and antisocial, but her actions spoke otherwise, as she was easy to talk to and seemed very confident. One thing she loves to do is take naps in her free time, specifically two a day, but she also enjoys watching Netflix. Jenny’s movie and tv preference consists of comedies, serial killer documentaries, and romance. With that being said, her favorite movie is “Call Me By Your Name”, which is about a romance between two homosexual men, because she thought it was great that actors who weren’t homosexual could play the roles as gay men without it being a problem. Additionally, “The Office” is her favorite show because the comedy of the script and characters are “so dumb, it’s funny.” Also, on the topic of movies and tv shows, her celebrity crush is Chris Evans, who is also known as the actor that plays Captain America.

One of the things she hates is people who lie; she finds it pointless to lie to anyone at any time and dislikes it when people lie to her face. Furthermore, she also has a deep hatred towards bugs, as well as a fear of them because they’re “nasty” according to her. On the other hand, football is her favorite sport because it’s not boring to watch, not to mention, she also participated in one of the previous Powerpuff events at Alisal. Jenny also enjoys cooking and claims she can make really good tamales with no assistance. She also likes listening to mostly rap and can bare any other type of music genre but hates country because it all sounds the same to her. In addition, monkeys are her all time favorite animal because they’re cute and interesting. This can also be linked to what she plans to pursue as a career in the future, zoology. She is interested in being a zoologist because she wants to work with wild animals and also wants to learn more about them. Her plans are to go to Hartnell and complete two years, then transfer to another college that has a major that is needed to be a zoologist and sees herself beginning her career within the next five years. Joining the journalism class is something she thought could help her with her journey and believes it will help her improve her writing skills, which will be helpful for her in the future. Ultimately, Jenny, with her cool vibes and bright future, is someone that you can easily get along with.

By: Argenis Jimenez

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Jennifer Rivera