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Argennis Jimenez
Argennis Jimenez is a 16 year old junior who was born in Salinas, CA. He currently lives with both of his parents, but has two older brothers and is the youngest one. Some things he enjoys to do are listening to music and watching videos on YouTube.

Three words that describe Argenis are loyal, respectful, and chill. The Bowling Alley is one of his favorite places to go and he also likes to hang out with friends. On the contrary, some things he hates are seeing animals in pain and when people lie to him especially when he knows they are lying. His future plans are to go to UC Berkeley and become a firefighter.

To put it all together, one of his favorite movies is Menace II Society, favorite show is How I met your mother, his favorite superhero is Batman, his favorite food is sushi, his favorite color is black, his favorite sports are football and soccer, his favorite football team is Washington Redskins, and his favorite athlete is Lebron James.

His pet peeves include becoming mad/annoyed when someone leaves the door open or when someone leaves a light on after he asked that person to do otherwise. However, despite his pet peeves, Argennis has a life full of adventures, considering he is a daring person when it comes to taking risks. To prove this, one of the scariest thing he's ever done was jump off a 20ft cliff into the water. Even so, he is more of a night person and he doesn’t really understand how people can be morning people.


By: Jennifer Rivera

Argennis Jimenez, Journalist

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Argennis Jimenez