Paint it black – After 30 years, Woodson welcomes retirement

After 30 years, Woodson welcomes retirement

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Paint it black – After 30 years, Woodson welcomes retirement


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Richmond “Woody” Woodson might be known as the art teacher who wears a white coat, but behind the white coat there is so much more than just a guard for his clothes.

While the lab coat and tousled hair might suggest mad scientist, the only similarity is the passion for creating.

He was born in North Carolina  but says, “I grew up everywhere: Germany, Kentucky, San Jose, Oklahoma. I traveled  all over because my dad was in the army.” Although his love for art was not inspired by his travels, he admits it helped him develop his personality. ¨Traveling allows you to become more open minded. As a kid, it allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and learn to interact with people better.¨

His passion for art started when he won an art contest in high school. Later, a competitor rose in high school, as he worked to become the MVP of his football and track team. “I enjoyed and still enjoy doing sports because the competition always took out the best in me.” At Seaside High School he broke multiple records for shot put and discus.

His talent for the throwing events, took Woodson to his next stop at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he had to drop out because of bad grades. “I had a little too much fun, I did not go to class and I partied too hard.”

He went on to the army and completed the ¨Death Marches¨ to commemorate an event in WWII in Belgium by walking 65 miles under 24 hours.

Eventually, however, he went on to retake his studies Chico State to major in Fine Art and graduate as class of 1989. “I chose Chico because my sister went there and after seeing her go to school there, I decided to follow her steps. As for my major, it was easy to choose art because it inspires me. It is all I ever feel like doing.”

Woodson arrived at Alisal in 1989 and made his mark right away, being named best new teacher in his first year, beating out 16 other teachers. He was named Certificated Employee of the Quarter for the 3rd quarter in 2007, and earned the perfect attendance award in the same year. He also formed and advised the Art Club from 1991-1999, where the club created and sold calendars.

After boasting 30.1 years of service credits all at Alisal High School, Woodson has decided to retire. ¨What will I be missing from teaching? Everything! My students, the staff, everything about teaching, I love.¨

Woodson said he felt it was time for retirement because it was time to give a younger person a chance to begin their career. “It is the circle of life. I feel great about retirement. I will be eating, traveling, riding my bike, golfing, painting, and napping some more. It’s been great fun and I know I leave the school in very good hands with the current staff. And I definitely see them moving on in a positive direction,¨ said an enthusiastic Woodson.

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