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2017-2018 Staff

Adriana Garcia


Adriana Garcia is a 15-year-old who was born in Salinas, California,  and raised in Mexico. The sophomore joined the Journalism crew because she was encouraged by a friend, who told her it would be a fun experience where she w...

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Nadia Perez


Nadia Perez is a 17 year old senior who was born and raised in Salinas, California. She is the second oldest out of five children. Her favorite sports are track and field and cross country. She has done cross country and trac...

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Ulisses Cisneros


Ulisses Cisneros, a 17 year old senior,  was born and raised in Salinas, where he lives with his mom, dad, and two sisters. He believes that the best thing about school are the sports. Ulisses plays offensive tackle on t...

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Patty Orozco


Fifteen year old Patricia Orozco, better known as Patty, was born and raised in Salinas, and is currently a junior. She joined Yearbook/Journalism because she thought it would be fun. Like most of her peers, she enjoys social me...

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Omar Reyes


Omar Reyes is a 16 year old junior. He enjoys running with his dogs, playing indoor soccer, reading, and writing. These activities are a way for him to get active and not just sitting out or being bored all day. Some of Omar’s...

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Noelia Garcia


Noelia Garcia is a 15 year old sophomore who decided to join journalism because she likes to inform people. “I like people to be aware.” She participates  in multiple sports, including cheerleading, softball and possible wr...

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Monica Espinoza


Senior Monica Espinoza is doing her first year of yearbook/journalism. She joined because she likes taking pictures and wants to learn new tricks on how to take pictures. When she isn’t taking pictures, she likes listening to music a...

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Lizbeth Guerra


Lizbeth Guerra, 15, was born and raised in Salinas, CA. Currently a sophomore, she decided to join Journalism/Yearbook this school year in hopes to grow as a writer, especially after attending the Monterey County Youth Media Pro...

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Krystal Herrera


Krystal Herrera is a 17 year old senior. She joined Journalism/Yearbook because she likes writing and hopes to improve on it. At home, she gets annoyed by her two younger brothers, ages 10 and 13. Her hobbies include binge...

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Kay Cortes


Kay Cortes is a senior in her first year in her first year in yearbook, who chose this because she did it in 8th grade and liked it and so she tried out this class. “I thought I would enjoy the class,” she said. She love...

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Juan Tovar


Born and raised in Salinas, senior Juan Tovar has accepted the challenge of being in this class. His joy for writing led to him signing up to the class and creating the yearbook for his school which he describes as “the unity of...

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Jennifer Cendejas

Yearbook Editor

Jennifer Cendejas is currently a 16-year-old senior. She was born on October 27th, in Oakland, CA, but due to her moving a lot, she ended up living in Salinas. At school, she enjoys playing sports, such as swimming and cheer...

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Herklin Amaro


Senior Herklin Amaro was born in Salinas, but spent five years of his life being raised in Hidalgo,Mexico by his grandparents. He has one older sister and lives with both mother and father. Expressing himself through writing he join...

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Evelyn Luquin


Evelyn Luquin As soon as anyone meets Evelyn Luquin, it is clear she is an honest and caring person. She is a quiet-17-year-old senior who enjoys reading, watching Netflix and YouTube, and listening to music. “I like watchi...

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Esther Martinez

Newspaper Editor

Esther Martinez Senior Esther Martinez is one of three returning staff members. As a junior, Esther was one of the hardest workers on the staff, according to Mr. Battaglini, which made her a natural for editor. Her commitm...

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Dulce Mendez


Dulce Mendez is a 16 year old junior. She was born in Los Angeles, CA. When she was in the 6th grade, her family decided to move to Salinas. She says that she didn’t like school in Los Angeles because she would always get in...

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Cristina Alcantar


Cristina Alcantar is a funny, sarcastic, and honest 17 year old senior. She is involved in school by doing track and soccer. She has done track for four years and soccer for eleven years. In track, she did shot put and discus. ...

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Clara Jimenez


16 year old Clara Jimenez, a junior, decided to join Journalism/Yearbook for this year to improve her writing. “ When I found out about the class, I right away knew that I had to take it. I had no doubt about the choice that ...

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Cassandra Reyes


Cassandra Reyes a 17 year old senior, has lived in Salinas since she was born. Her hobbies include spending time with her cat, Olly, and baking cupcakes. “I enjoy to bake because it is something that my sister and I do, i...

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