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Senior Zaira Hernandez had never been to Monte Bella park until this summer until this picture was taken this summer. She had just gotten her bike and decided to ride over. “ It was crazy going and not seeing so many kids playing and families enjoying time together.”

Missing the Parks

Karina Jurado , Journalist
December 22, 2020
President Trump and Presidential Nominee Joe Biden facing off in the first presidential debate in Cleveland.

An Unforgettable Election

Diego Alfaro, Journalist
December 20, 2020
History teacher Zach Jensen likes the idea of having three classes rather than the usual six but thinks there are other challenges with the schedule. “I like the fact that we have the afternoons for support time with students and to work on prepping, grading, etc, because it means students and teachers arent required to be in front of a computer from 8-3. However, the fact teachers have had to shorten their year-long course into a semester is another layer of adjustment that has been challenging. Cutting material and adjusting the schedule, in addition to creating digital lessons, has been stressful and something it would have been nice to avoid,” said Jensen.

The New Schedule

Cris Campos, Journalist
December 15, 2020
Testing via distance learning is a challenge for teachers. Some rely on Google Forms or Kahoot! To test, while other teachers are relying more on projects or papers.

It’s A Matter of Trust

Brandon Garcia, Journalist
December 15, 2020

Saving Senior Year

Jacklyn Del Real, Journalist
December 7, 2020
Like most students, freshmen are disappointed with their year so far. Daisy Soto (bottom right) said, “Freshman year wasn’t what I expected. I was expecting to start high school on campus and have the opportunity to meet new people and my teachers.”

The Freshman Experience

Cristina Medina, Journalist
November 30, 2020
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