A Season to Remember

Up against Hollister High, the Trojans start their match with their first season lineup. Alisal goes on to win the match with a result of 5-2.

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A Season to Remember


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In every championship season there is a defining moment, for the boys’ tennis team it was their late season match with Christopher High. The boys stood at 12-1 in league tied with Christopher and they were set to face each other in the last game of the season which would decide who would take the league title. Having to face their biggest rival at the close of the season and having the possibility to win league brought excitement but nervousness to the courts. Coach Camacho said, “The boys had been working hard for this moment and the pressure was on.”

The pressure was on but the boys focused their attention to senior Omar Perez. After four years, Perez was ready to seal his last year with a league title. He said, “We had an opportunity last year to win league, but we weren’t able to get it. We had this shot to make history and I knew that my team would give it their all to accomplish it.”

With the game ready to start Camacho gave the boys a private talk. He wanted to make sure the boys understood their goal and what it mean not for him but for them. The players stated, “We all had our game faces on, but we knew that Camacho wanted it for us, not for him. He reminded us what could happen, but he reminded us that our opponents have worked like us, but they don’t have what we have: the meaning of struggle.”

The Alisal line up against consisted of singles: Ernesto Vela, Aldo Saldana, Ernesto Garcia, and Anthonie Wong; Doubles: Omar Perez and Alexis Mendez, Rex Alejano and Mauricio Chavez, and Leo Montano and Leo Diaz. Mendez stated, “We were ready to win. The boys had been working all season for this moment. The atmosphere was different it wasn’t just a match.”

Three hours that consisted of long rallies, multiple match points, and exhaustion resulted in a 6-1 victory over Christopher High. After a long season, the boys were able to make history by winning league. The boys celebrated by dumping water on Camacho and throwing cider up in the air. Aldo Saldana stated, “It’s a huge accomplishment. I am very proud of the team winning the title, but it took a lot of team effort and humility to reach this milestone.”

After this win the boys would host Gabilan #2 for the CCS team playoffs. Unfortunately, the boys fell 1-6. The boys went on to PCAL finals, where #1 singles Ernesto Vela reached the final round, but fell after a long and difficult match. Vela stated, “I’m just happy I was able to experience this level of play. It showed me that I still have more to give and I am ready to play next season.”