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Luisa Sanchez
Luisa is an attending senior at Alisal High school. She is one of 3 siblings, her family members are a total of 5 but she is only living with her mom. Her hobbies consist of shopping, learning new things, and reading. An example of what Luisa is learning is how to play, would be the piano. According to Luisa, her favorite category of books is, “everything scary or mystery related.” Luisa decided to join the yearbook class because she wanted to contribute into summing up her last year of high school into a book. When asked why she decided to go to Alisal High School, she replied with “I live by here and I have a brother here, oh and my sister graduated from here too.” Luisa enjoys being a part of Alisal High School and when asked about her favorite part, she stated, “teachers care for you and want you to progress.” She can be described as a sarcastic person and she’s friendly with people around her, but she also likes being competitive. As for her future, she says, “ I want a higher education. Go to UCLA. I want to help people in the future. Be a bilingual doctor because there’s not a lot out there and save peoples lives.”

Her favorite color is burgundy, she enjoys watching the flash, and her favorite food is spaghetti. Something that you can always hear from Luisa is “bet.” A neat talent she possesses is being able to read a 300-page book in two days, that is if it’s interesting. Something new I learned from interviewing her is that she loves watching and re-watching Disney movies. Luisa is an ambitious person who wants a better future. She was helpful when talking about colleges and is great at giving others advice. She believes anyone can go to college. She also firmly believes that anyone can change their destiny.

By Zaira Hernandez

Luisa Sanchez, Journalist

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Luisa Sanchez