1 to 1 Computers

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1 to 1 Computers


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While Alisal has been ahead of the curve in the district when it comes to providing chrome books, next school year all students will be receiving a chromebook. After a survey, the district leadership realized 15% of students do not have any internet access at home and 35% of students do not have a computer and they took steps to provide 1 to 1 access to students across the district.

Giving every student a chromebook will prepare them for the technology skills that are required in college, all students will be able to complete their homework with no excuses, and each student will have 1:1 access with a computer. In an email with Steven Peters, the district IT director, he said, ”Many of the skills that our students need to be successful after graduation, whether they go to college or begin a career, will require the use of technology skills.”

Peters also said, “The most immediate impact is the elimination of the ‘homework gap’ that exists in our district. By providing equal access for all students, we are able to help students develop the skills necessary for success after high school. Collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity, and the responsible use of technology are important skills for our students to have as they graduate high school. We believe that overcoming this gap in access is one of the most important steps in beginning that process.”

As technology rises, the need for a computer is necessary in order to complete assignments. Google Classroom is an essential tool that is used mostly every day by students and teachers. Many teachers like history teacher Brian Zeuthen and English teacher Jason Chamberlain, post assignments almost every day. It would be very hard to complete any assignments without having access to internet or a computer. Zeuthen says,” Chromebooks will open up another dimension for student exploration.Chromebooks will be a huge benefit in education. It is important to remember, however, that they are a tool and not a panacea for all educational shortcomings.”Jesus Valdez, a junior, says, “I like this new change because then no one has an excuse to not do their homework and I won’t have to worry about my sister using the computer and not being able to do my homework.”

Like a textbook, the chromebook need to be cared for or there will be consequences. Peters states, “We expect all of our students to act as good digital citizens. The responsible use of technology is one of those skills that will benefit students greatly as they graduate from high school and move into college or the career field.” They will also offer an insurance plan in order to cover accidental damage. Victoria Cabrera, a sophomore, says, ”In order not to damage it, I will be very careful with it and realize that this chromebook is property of the school and also realize that if I damage it, I will have to pay for it.”

Although the chromebooks will not be distributed immediately, the district is going to order 7,000 new laptops in order to provide every student with a device. Many more decisions will be made during the summer to ensure this plan works out well and each student will positively benefit from it. Martha Esquivel, a textbook clerk, says, “Even though it will be more stress for us, it will benefit the students because they will be able to turn in their assignments on time.”

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