The milestone of wearing a tie

Workshop participants, Christopher Limon (left) and Omar Reyes (right), are being taught how to tie a tie by Mr.Martinez.


Wearing a tie is a milestone for many young men. It is the part of their lives when they begin dressing professionally and making good impressions. A tie is a symbol of respect and formality whether it is at a job interview, business meeting, or any special occasion.

Angel Martinez, an opportunity teacher at Alisal High School, knows the importance of wearing a tie and decided to teach young men how to tie one. He has created a workshop which began on October 4th. During this workshop he will continue to provide professional tips on how to properly tie a tie. “It’s good to know how to tie a tie,” he mentions. “My dad taught me when I was 11 years old.”

The two tie knots he focused on are the four-in-hand and the full windsor knot. “I chose the four-in-hand because it’s basic and easy to do,” he says. “The full windsor knot is for a different collar style, a bigger knot.” He chose two distinct knots because it is important to be prepared for any knot.

For instance, Martinez says, “I noticed young men don’t know how to tie a tie or someone to teach them in their household.” He said he hopes to form a special bond with the group of teenagers he will be teaching. He sees it as passing his knowledge as an older man to younger men, as if he was their guide for this special part of their life. “Feels nice to show young people what us old people do,” he said laughing.

The main reason why Martinez was motivated to do this was to give the boys an opportunity to grow. The goal is to have the students dress professionally in the future. Being able to give off the right impression can be life changing. The proper attire can help get a job, which can go a long way. He mentions he began dressing professionally a few years ago when he started teaching. “It is a professional position, it is important to give off a good impression,” he says.

Two participants, Omar Reyes and Christopher Limon, found the workshop to be very helpful. “I think it was helpful. Now, I don’t have to bug my mom to tie my tie in the morning,” says Omar, “I feel like a man now.” Christopher described the workshop as easy to do and as an opportunity to build confidence. “Learning how to tie a tie at a young age will help me in the future, such as in graduation,” he says.

Overall, Martinez’s workshop will contribute to be a part of the lives of his students. In the near future, their workplace attire will build confidence and success, career wise. Most importantly, they will be reminded that they are using their education the right way. Martinez describes the students at the workshop as enthusiastic and was glad that the participants felt excited and eager to learn something new and helpful.

By Lizbeth Guerra