With just under half of the players remaining from the initial 100 that started the game, a player locates and head towards his teammate inside the the vehicle in Playerunknown’s Battleground. Also known as PUBG, it is one of the hottest games right now, next to Fortnite. PUBG is available on PC, Xbox and mobile devices.

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Playerunknown’s Battleground, also known as PUBG, is one of the hottest games right now, next to Fortnite. PUBG is available on PC, Xbox and mobile devices.

It was released in March of 2017, four months before Fortnight, (so if the game sounds familiar, you know why). This game lands right into the survival category of gaming. Kills is not what will win you the game but being the last ones left. The servers consist of exactly 100 players. Those 100 players float onto an island, raid Eastern European-looking towns or dusty ramshackle forts for randomized gear, and stay within the confines of an electric blue circle that slowly shrinks the map from miles of open terrain to a single square foot, forcing all survivors into the limited safe space.

In this game, even the smallest detail matters. When players arrive at a house to get any weapons or accessories they need, they can open and close the doors or jump through the window. If they decide to open it and leave it that way they are at risk of being seen by an opponent. Also, vehicles play a big part in this game, they can be an advantage or disadvantage. A player will most likely be seen from a far distance driving the vehicle making it inevitable for opponents to start shooting.

As the match gets to its final players it starts to get very intense for each player, especially if it is a solo. Every player wants a solo win for bragging rights. Being part of the last 5 doesn’t get the player anything but some experience points that can later serve as rewards.

The excitement this game makes a player go through is like none other. It gives a realistic feeling of going into survival mode and the awareness of the skills that are needed to survive and be the last man standing. More than the number of kills one player gets, it is the awareness of the player that wins him the game.

Some changes that could make this game more exciting would be adding more sources of transportation. I would like to see military vehicles like tanks and aircrafts being available for players to get in. Adding tunnels would make escapes exciting especially when the player is in trouble. However, the way it is currently is very solid and should continue to attract more players.

PUBG and Fortnite share the same goal of the whole game which is surviving. The same rules apply when it comes to that Eye storm all players must stay within. One of the biggest differences that stands out is that in Fortnite the player is able to build around them to protect themselves from others whereas in PUBG you are only able to hide by ducking or camping in a house or bushes.

PUBG brings a lot of attention from people in social media and big streaming sites like  YouTube and Twitch. These streaming sites have brought millions of views to players who live stream their gameplay. That means this game has the attention of the gaming community and the sales have been through the roof with 30 million copies already sold. Its peak was in January of 2018 with according to It is safe to say that with all the attention this game brings to the gaming community, it will not die in upcoming months or years.

I would say that if you are a more realistic and strategic player you would like PUBG a lot better than Fortnite. If you like building and destroying things, you would definitely like Fortnite better. I personally like PUBG because of the strategies that one can come up with their team. I feel that PUBG gives the player a more realistic experience of what survival is actually like. I would rate this game an 8 out of 10.

By Ulisses Cisneros

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