Who’s the man’s best friend?

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Who’s the man’s best friend?


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The world has been in a big debate over if dogs are the better per or if the cat is the better pet. When the topic is brought up people start the debate.

Both sides have there reasons to preferring a pet over the other one. People who prefer dogs say they want a dog that can protect you. They are more alert to what is happening around you at all times. They will not let strangers that they don’t know around you, even strange animals. The last reason why dogs are way better than cats is because they keep you fit. Since a dog has loads of energy, you have to take them on walks and runs to wear them down and this results in you have to workout your body and have a better one. Omar Reyes says, “I’d like to be able to walk, run, and play with my dog.”

On the other hand, people who prefer cats because they are quiet. They won’t make a noise when the doorbell rings or when they hear something strange. Cassandra Reyes agrees, stating, “Cats are really chill due to the fact that they can take care of themselves and sleep all day.” A second reason why people like them more is because they can groom themselves. You won’t have to make the most effort to take them a bath while the can lick themselves clean and get rid of fleas and ticks, will also keeping there coat nice and shiny.

I like dogs better because they seem to be more happy. They always look/seem excited doing anything. Since I like being happy all the time, I think a do is the best fit for me. I also love how goofy they are. This is one thing that my dogs do, almost everyday. One experience that I remember that made me instantly fall in love with dogs was when my oldest dog understood when I was crying when I was smaller. He knew that I was crying due to my parents yelling at me and he would start barking at them to get away from me. After doing this he would stay with me to comfort me and lift my spirit up. After this moment I knew that I wanted all the dogs that I could possible get my hands on.

I wouldn’t mind having a pet cat, but that’s not the first thing I would lean towards. I don’t like how they always seem so mad at the world and want to kill everybody. I also do not like how most of cats don’t like playing with any type of toys with me. Maybe cats just do not like me because every time I see one, they all seem to walk the other way. I see it as the universe telling me that cats are not my thing.

According to Gallup News, 44% of Americans own dogs, 29% own cats, and 17% own both. A pro of having a dog is that you can spend all the time you want with it, but a con is that having one dog means that you will only be able to have that one because they aren’t likely to share a home with other animals. A pro of having a cat is that they are more “open” to having other animals living with them. A con of owning a cat is that you will hardly see them in your house or spend time them.

I do not hate cats but they are not my favorite either. I would not mind having a cat as a pet also. I believe that after having different types of animals as pets, I learned to love any animal that comes my way with all my heart. In the future I hope to own a farm house so I can have both pets (plus more animals) and not get in trouble.

By Monica Espinoza

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