What’s the deal with people who don’t do their work ?

Senior Destiny Plascencia attempting to go for a layup against the undefeated team Salinas High.

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What’s the deal with people who don’t do their work ?


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Why do people not do their homework? Is it because they are too busy, too lazy, what’s going on? I don’t get how people who don’t play sports, have a job, or do anything extra with their lives have trouble completing and keeping up with their school work. If they have all this free time, what do they do instead of homework?

Maybe they’re at the mall, the movies, or simply just in their homes playing games or watching television. Maybe they are unwilling to do their work because they see no point in just having classwork and having to go home and to do more work. A senior, Richard Murillo states “School was always hard for me. I try and see the easy way out. I can’t stay focused on one thing at a time. I can sit down and start homework, but then I get distracted and forget about it.¨ My feelings towards this is that there are better ways for him or people in general to figure out ways to improve their study habits.

From my personal experience, I am a person who can do anything I set my mind to. Growing up with a “get it done” mentality, I was always committed to finish what I had started.  Ever since I started high school, I built a sense of responsibility and maturity. I had many obligations and priorities to fulfill such as being involved in sports and always being at practices then going home to do homework to maintain good grades and also helping out my family around the house. I had to maintain an average of a 3.5 g.p.a, while playing multiple sports and working. I was always moving around going from games, tournaments, and to work, never having time for myself. Yet, I was still able to get all my school work completed on time. My routine consisted of me attending school like the rest of you, going to volleyball practice after school, after that attend basketball (GBA), manage a job, and be in a relationship.

There are many reasons why I do what I do. To start with, I have always wanted to have a sense of responsibility and keep myself busy. Throughout my years, I have been faced with many challenges that have brought me to become the person I am today. Some challenges I faced was that my mom was diagnosed with cancer, my uncle passed away, and I had to deal with many family issues, which had led me to want to give up. The way I handled it was by making sure I had my grades and myself together before helping anyone else.There are also different ways people can cope with many challenges and homework. For example, many ways people can get things done is by going to Starbucks, to a friend’s house, or simply listening to music.

On the other hand, I get that students can get overwhelmed with the homework they need to do and turn in. Over time things start to build up and it can becoming very challenging for students. To making sure every bit is completed and done correctly. This poses a lot of stress on teens. Having to maintain six classes a day can become stressful for students to finish all their work. From a procrastinator’s position, Jasmin Espinoza said, “In order for me to complete my work I need to go to Starbucks because if I were to do it in my room I would get distracted and forget.” A clear difference from a top academic student, Victoria Lopez said,  “Homework is a good way to review material you learned in class and to help you not forget what is expected of you to learn.¨

Having deadlines, having to work late ,and dealing with sports caused me so much stress, but with time management, I was able to plan out how balance everything out. My dedication to everything I have done the past years had prepared me for my future in many ways. I have become mature, responsible, and hard working. I hope those who don’t do their work will soon realize that getting work done will benefit them in the long run.