The truth behind the Chuck E. Cheese pizza rumor


Chuck E. Cheese is supposed to be a place where kids can enjoy themselves, where parents can de-stress themselves, but it was never known for its dark theories that were peeking from the shadows.

In early February, famous YouTuber Shane Dawson uploaded a conspiracy theory video that went viral in minutes. Dawson called out Chuck E. Cheese when he addressed their misshapen pizzas. Soon after the video, Dawson proceeded to investigate this theory by visiting one of his local Chuck E. Cheese’s and capturing everything on tape. In the video, Dawson “supposedly” backed up his theory when the pizza brought to their table looked misshapen. Dawson and his friends snapped pictures of the pizza to prove their point and those pictures soon navigated all through the internet.

After the video, Dawson left many people to question Chuck E. Cheese’s pizza and their credibility. The theory unraveled people’s curiosity, many followed his footsteps and began visiting Chuck E. Cheese’s to check the theory themselves. Other videos aroused the internet of extreme cases where people applied to get a job at Chuck E. Cheese’s just to see if this theory was true.

At this point, we’ve heard plenty of people address the misshapen pizza, but what about the people who actually work at Chuck E. Cheese?  Well, I’ve been working at Chuck E. Cheese for two years and in that time I’ve never seen anyone recycle pizza, I can’t stand for all Chuck E. Cheese’s, but I can for the one I work for. I sometimes make the pizza and can assure you the one is Salinas makes it pizza fresh every day.

There’s a specific process when making a pizza, so everything is fresh.  Several people at work and school have come up to me and asked me about this theory, at first it was funny, but now it’s annoying.  For Chuck E. Cheese workers, it has been a trip with non-stop questioning, but for Chuck E. Cheese, they have gained big clientele because of this theory. When this rumor hit, we welcomed people to take a peek into our kitchen to uncover the false theory and see the reality with their own eyes.

Another coworker is senior Ulises Mendoza, who has been working at Chuck E. Cheese for almost a year said, “Those are just rumors, we have a process when making the pizza, everything is fresh.” Mendoza said, “First, we take the dough out, then we stretch it out to the right size we then add all the fresh ingredients on top and off to the oven.” He mentioned that maybe the reason why people think the pizza looks misshapen is the way it’s cut. Sometimes workers are in a rush and they don’t properly cut the pizza right, which happens at a lot of pizza places.

Now, what about those who enjoy going to Chuck E. Cheese? Luisa Sanchez a senior at Alisal said, “ Shane Dawson is a surrounded with fame, he’s one of the most viewed Youtubers, so it’s easy to believe he does this all for fame, their pizza always looks fresh and tasty.”

Aside from this theory and many others that follow, we can say Chuck E. Cheese is a fun place for both parents and kids. In a way  Dawson’s intention towards the restaurant backfired as people keep consuming our delicious fresh pizzas.