Upperclassmen are to share lockers this school year

Seniors struggling to get things out from their shared locker.


Last school year, each student had their own locker and sometimes they would share it with their friends or with their boyfriend/girlfriend, but simply for fun and not because they were forced to do so. This year most students have to share a locker, which they don’t like it. 

Senior Jesua Bucio is not in favor of sharing lockers. She feels uncomfortable because she believes it is unsafe to share a locker with a stranger. She believes that freshmen should be the ones sharing a locker instead of everyone in the school. “It is not fair for everyone that has to share locker except for the freshmen because we all need our space and privacy,” she says. Even though she does share a locker, it is with her brother. 

Junior Jennifer Virgen agrees with Bucio. She says, “It is a terrible idea because people should have their own space instead of having to share with some random stranger which also causes the halls to become crowded, and waste a lot of people’s time to get to class. She pointed out that there are lockers with no locks in the main building and yet people have to share lockers. Even so, she does share a locker with her friend.

Andrew Del Castillo sees things differently. He believes that sharing lockers is a positive thing because he can bond with friends and new people. However, he doesn’t blame the freshmen for the sharing locker situation, instead, he blames the school. He said that the school should provide us with supplies and equipment this school year as every other school does. “You can’t blame the students, but blame the district. He believes that everyone should help each other in the whole school. 

Ernesto Garcia, the school principal, laid out the facts. He stated that there are 3,000 students in this school year; 800 freshmen and 2,200 sophomores, juniors, and seniors combined. He also stated that there are 2,500 lockers in the school. Since there are 3,000 students this school year, the school made the decision for sharing lockers. “A decision was made that we take care of everyone like a family, taking care of the youngest first and that we give students what they want,” says Garcia. With this being said, students are still able to claim their own locker at the ASB office, but no one has stepped up. Lastly, he says, “Seniors and everyone else should help each other out instead of blaming each other for the things that they don’t know or have done.”