It’s a new “Day” for Girls’ Tennis

Deniss Segoviano returning a serve from a number four singles player from North High. Although she lost that match, she maintains a positive attitude, “I have to keep fighting and pushing myself past my limits until the last point.”


After a total of nine years, Guillermo Camacho decided to step down as the girls’ tennis coach. It was not an easy choice for Camacho, “I wanted to be with my children and spend more valuable time with my family,” In those nine years, the entire team went to CCS in 2011 and 2014, but fell short of winning a title. Last season was filled with experimentation due to Camacho shifting positions to challenge the players with their skills. With a new coach, returning members, and a new player, this season is looking bright for the girls’ tennis team, according to the players.   

Luckily for the team, Jennifer Day decided to step up as Camacho’s successor.  She decided to coach the team because she found the opportunity to do something she enjoys. Day has a history with tennis, playing since she was young, and continuing to play with her family on the weekends.   

Day feels the stakes are high and so every day at practice counts. She wants the players to be ready for any opponent they face this season no matter who they play, “We have extra practice for varsity on Saturday mornings and players stay after practice to work on their shots or serves,” the coach says when asked what they were doing to reach their goals. Working on the girls’ skills is what the coach wants to achieve this season. 

Like any other sport, the team has both new and returning players. The team has a total of fourteen players, thirteen of them were previously on varsity. Two players returning for their 4th season – seniors Karina Marquez and Gaby Godinez. Day thinks the girls are committed to the sport because they routinely come into the courts and constantly work on improving their skills. “Tennis is mostly mental. You win or lose the match before you even go out there,” says Deniss Segoviano, a returner playing in her second season, who is number four singles. 

The lone newcomer this year is Junior Mikaela Arista, who plays third doubles. She said, “Since the beginning of the season the team has improved a lot both individually and as a whole. The environment is always positive because everyone is encouraging each other in matches and practice.” Arista wants to improve on her serves and her back-hands the most because those are her weaknesses.

The team only had one scrimmage before they went on with official games, but the players are very optimistic for the upcoming season. The team started 2-3, winning against Saint Francis and San Benito, but dropping matches to Monte Vista Christian, North Salinas, and Christopher. 

Victoria Mendoza, a junior returning for her 3rd year says, “The team has a lot of commitment. The girls never give up and try their hardest in both games and practice.” Day says that she feels good about the season so far. She has seen the girls grow individually and as a group both on and off the court. 

Team Captain Karina Marquez, the team captain, says “The court is a good environment because of the support that the team gives you. It’s nice to have a place where you can be yourself.” Day said, “When I work with the girls, it’s not just tennis, you get to know them. It is a great way to learn more about the players and impact them beyond the classroom.”