Where is the school spirit?


WHERE IS EVERYONE? At a rally earlier this year, the number of students in attendance is nearly matched by the number of students participating.

School spirit: it’s what makes school enjoyable and fun. It’s everything from dressing up in your pajamas to rocking the school colors during spirit week. It’s bringing our spirit to games and screaming at rallies to show our love, pride, and support towards our school.

School spirit is basically whether you will remember your school years as a nightmare or as the best years of your life. School spirit only makes better your experience in high school because it becomes a highlight in your life when you spend time with friends, decorating the school or shouting at the top of your lungs the trojan chant on game nights to show the love and pride for our school. There is only a positive effect on getting closer to our school along with our colleagues.

But over the last couple of years I realized that students were no longer were interested in bringing spirit to school. I remember my freshman year being the best because people participated, went to games, and actually showed up to rallies. Everyone was glad to represent their school and wear the school’s apparel. 

Students knew the school song by heart and would chant it at rallies. A lot of people were more interested in being involved in school activities. It was a joyful time and being a freshman, I felt excited and welcomed to be here by the seniors. 

 Both last year as a junior, and now this year as a senior, there is little to no participation in events and few students share their Trojan pride. During Homecoming spirit week there were only a few people who actually came dressed up. It was sad to see that only a few wanted to participate knowing that it would be fun. I think everybody follows each other’s steps, so if a majority won’t dress up then only a small number of people will. 

ASB staff and students are usually the ones who plan events and have to get people excited about them. But the blame doesn’t fall solely on them. They are they doing their best to show their enthusiasm towards their work. The rallies have not been as fun as they should be because people don’t show up.

So, what can be done? Teachers could give extra credit to encourage students. ASB could offer prizes for showing our pride and participating both during rallies and games. During lunch rallies we could set up a competition between grade levels. But it really comes down to the students themselves, and what they believe about our school. 

As of right now students are aware that they don’t have the support the school needs because they don’t care about school. “I feel like our school spirit is more down now it’s not as strong as some other years,” said senior Arleth Carbajal. But not all students feel the same, junior, Steven Navarro feels otherwise about our pride during football games, he feels as we do show some pride. “Our school spirit is beyond exciting compared to other schools. We have all that pride in games and wherever we go, we are Trojans!” he said. 

Since this is my senior year, I planned on going to as many school events as possible because I wanted to leave school knowing I tried to be more involved. Me and my friends created a new club this year called Save the Earth Club and we joined Drama Club. We are trying to participate more in school activities like dances, games, and helping out selling for the plays. School spirit is an easy choice that defines your aspect for school and helps create better bonding not only with students but with teachers, and staff too.

 I can only hope for the better, that over time people will become closer to the school itself. Over time it could regain its spirit. Even if it doesn’t, then we ourselves could take our own steps to encourage others to become more involved, and to not see school in a negative way.