Christmas Pick Me Up


Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays because it’s all about spending quality time together with family and friends. You can watch movies together, hang out, and even do activities with each other.  There are so many activities to do during the holidays, but the most common ones are decorating a tree, a house, and making gingerbread houses.

Many people like to decorate their Christmas trees with their family and sometimes even friends. In a survey that 334 students and staff members responded to, 89.5% of people that said they decorated their Christmas trees with their family and 7.2% decorated a tree with their friends. When decorating, they put lights, ornaments, garland, tinsel, and many other things on the tree. Angeles Diaz said she enjoys decorating her tree because “I get to spend time with my family and friends and share the memories together and have crazy laughs.”.

Houses are also decorated during Christmas time. Some like to start decorating in November and some like to wait until December. 47.6% of people decorate their house and tree in late November, 32.9% wait till December and 10.2% do it in early November. People like to decorate their houses because they want it to feel like Christmas. Jennifer Santiago’s favorite thing is to decorate her house. “I like spending time outdoors, it gives it a Christmasy feel, if that makes sense. I get to help with putting on the lights and whatnot and I get to see other people do the same with their families.” Maribel Rios Torres also likes to decorate her house because “it makes the house have a Christmas vibe.”

Some people like to go with specific color themes when decorating. 57.9% of people said they do go with a specific color theme. They could go with a classic red and gold theme or even just a colorful theme. It all depends on what they like. Samantha Cardenas goes with a red, gold, and white-colored theme while Karen Perez-Guido has a red, white, and silver color theme. Karen went with these colors “to really get into the Christmas spirit after this unplanned year.”

For those who like to spend more time inside, Gingerbread houses are a fun thing to do during Christmas time. You can either buy a kit at the store or make it all from scratch. 41.8% use a store-bought gingerbread house kit and only 6.4% of people make one from scratch. Most people tend to use the kits they sell in stores. Making gingerbread houses from scratch would take a lot more work but it is definitely worth it in the end because you get to spend more time with whoever you are making it with. People enjoy doing these for many reasons. Sarahi Angeles said, “I get to be creative and decorate the way I want.” While Armando Catana simply said,  “It’s my favorite because then I can eat it.”

Regardless of how you celebrate Christmas, it is truly a very fun holiday, with plenty of activities to bring family and friends together, even if they have to be farther apart than usual.