New Routine for the New Normal


Pre-pandemic, students dressed and got ready for school in a different way than they do now. Before we all got up, picked an outfit, got dressed, and went to school. Some outfits may have been dressier than the others and some might have been more casual, but now everything has changed due to Covid. 

Now we are distance learning and we have class online every day. Before it was necessary for kids to look a bit more presentable to go to class, but now it doesn’t seem as important because we’re all home and we don’t see anybody or interact with anybody. Also when people are home they prefer to stay a little bit more comfortable and cozy than to be fully dressed like they would for a regular school day. 

Before the pandemic I would usually get up around 6:45 or 7 in the morning and I would do my hair and I would add light makeup which was always mascara and a little bit of filler on my eyebrows Afterwards I would pick an outfit, if I didn’t have an outfit put out the night before, and sometimes when I had a little extra time I would get a quick snack for breakfast. On the days where I wanted to look a little more presentable, I would wear a more¨  glam¨  outfit which was really not that special, but it would consist of jeans, maybe some boots, a nice top, and a jacket if it was cold. 

On the days where I preferred to dress down  I would always without a doubt wear yoga pants, some vans, and a hoodie or crew neck sweater And for this particular style sometimes I will leave my hair up or when I wanted to feel a little more comfortable I would put it back in a ponytail My days still start out like any other but it’s just the lack of trying on a fancier outfit. 

Now that we don’t really leave our house or see anybody. I prefer to keep it simple, just like anybody else distance learning. Usually, my days start by waking up 30 minutes before my first class starts. I like to brush my teeth and wash my face so I could feel a little bit more awake, then I get back to bed and join my first Google meet of the day. If I didn’t shower the night before I changed my clothes to a fresh pair of sweats or yoga pants and a comfortable top or sweater. On days where I do leave my house to go with my neighbor, I get up at least an hour before class so I can have time to maybe do my hair and maybe add a little makeup like mascara and blush and then I pick a simple outfit like some comfortable pants or sometimes leggings and a hoodie or shirt and I head over and do my distance learning from her house. 

Getting dressed for school used to be a way to express myself, but now since we’re home we don’t really get to do that anymore. I do miss getting up doing my hair getting ready and picking a new different outfit every day, but I guess that’s the same for everyone, to some degree. My favorite at-home outfit to lounge in that isn’t pajamas would be some leggings and a comfortable hoodie and some fuzzy slippers. I prefer this because I get super cold easily. One of the big pros of distance learning is that i get to wear something like it every day, but I also miss coming up with outfits  and actually wearing them out. Other than that I feel like my outfit always depends on my mood, however i’m feeling determines my outfit.