Game Review: FIFA ‘22


FIFA ‘22, one of the hottest and most popular games around the world, was released on October 1, 2021. The latest version of the FIFA franchise features upgraded graphics, gameplay, modes, and new players added to the game.

 FIFA has improved in multiple ways compared to previous years. Improvements include the graphics and presentation, which has made this be one of the greatest reasons it is expanding its popularity and being played more. The graphics are good on consoles like PS4, XBOX 1, but I have seen that on the newest consoles it’s better because it is running at 120 frames per second. Also, on the new gens it looks better than the other years because the hardware can support extra detail like extreme lighting and hair simulations.

The players in the game have been upgraded to be more realistic to the point where you can distinguish the difference between the players in the game from a distance. For example, players like Paul Pogba, Anderson Talisca, Trent Alexander Arnold, Erling Haaland, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have been customized by having their real life attributes like cleats, tape, straps and how they wear their uniform whether it’s tucked or untucked. Along with this, other upgrades that have been made in the stadiums and soccer fields have increased in popularity because of the option you receive to customize it by adding different colors, trophies and fans. 

The gameplay this year is much better in my opinion because when you switch to a different player it doesn’t have a delay that makes you lose control of the ball which makes it better so you can move the ball around faster so my opponent can’t get it and I have an opportunity to score.  Also it takes more skill now where you have to use the whole field and touch the ball around, so you can open up that opportunity to take possession of the game. FIFA ‘22 feels and looks more realistic where the meta isn’t sprinting across the field with just one player like Kylian Mbappe or anyone with 90+ pace, (pace means how fast a player is meaning their acceleration and sprint speed the higher the number the faster someone is). Also, the movement is really good. You can use simple plays such as a one two or a short pass switched to a long ball which are used in real life to get past your opponent. Along with this, the gameplay is pretty smooth with its cool transitions between celebrations and changing players compared to last FIFA, which was very laggy making the game harder to play.

There are five modes in total – Volta, Ultimate Team, Career, Pro Clubs, and Seasons. Volta, the newest mode, is a freestyle mode where it’s all about skills in an indoor or outdoor field with a variation of different challenges you can pick from. Career mode is another style of play where you create your own player trying to make him a good player where you start off as a sub until you become a starter trying to fit into a big team. Pro clubs is a really fun mode where you and your friends can create your own club and play all together in one team in a 11v11 trying to reach division 1 the highest one there is. Seasons is an online mode where you pick any team around the world and play against random players. Ultimate team is the hardest, most difficult, but fun mode where you create your own team from different players around the world trying to link them up by league or nationality competing against competitive opponents that all have a different play style or skill.

Overall, I would rate this game an 8/10 because it has been improved in plenty of ways as described. My favorite mode of this FIFA has to be Pro Clubs because I get to have so much fun with my friends, having different types of conversations, laughing, and making good memories.