Korean boy band group Enhypen, (from the label BeFit Lab and CJ E&M)  just came out with a new album, “DIMENSION: DILEMMA”on October 12, 2021, which is their second album this year, their third in less than a year. 

Enhypen debuted on November 20, 2020, with their first album “Border: Day One.” Their second album “BORDER: CARNIVAL” came out on August 26, 2021.

The group spent two weeks on the Billboard 200 in November with their latest album and they also had 600,000 pre-order copies.

“DIMENSION: DILEMMA” has three themes that a fan could buy. The difference that comes with these albums is different color themes, photoshoot concepts, and photo cards which are all based on Greek mythology. SCYLLA comes with a purple theme, CHARYBDIS has a blue theme, and ODYSSEUS has an orange theme. 

According to the band’s website, these three themes have special meanings. “The album’s three visual concepts—SCYLLA, CHARYBDIS, ODYSSEUS—each respectively conveys the members’ upheaval of youth, the ensuing chaos and inner turmoil, and the various new desires they are confronted with within this new world.” 

This album has eight new songs: “Intro: Whiteout”,  “Tamed-Dashed”, “Upper Side Dreamin”,  “몰랐어”, Go Big or Go Home (모 아니면 도)”, “Blockbuster (액션 영화처럼)” (feat. Yeonjun of TXT), “Attention, please!” and “Interlude: Question”

The album has a variety of genres, such as a hard rock feel with songs like “Blockbuster” which takes a different route musically than what ENHYPEN is used to playing, they usually play romic songs that have a softer beat. If you like artists such as KISS, which “Blockbuster” sounds most like, Bruno Mars and Harry Styles which “몰랐어” sounds most like, or then you may enjoy this album. 

“Attention, please!” has a Disney Channel Original movie feel to it. I could definitely see this song being in a Camp Rock movie.  It has some elements of rock, but it has more pop than their other rock songs. Towards the end there is a guitar solo, which is very refreshing to hear in one of their songs, since they usually play softer songs with mellow instruments. This song is a good song to listen to, if you are into pop rock. 

“몰랐어”, which translates to “just a little bit,” is classic ENHYPEN. The song is very romantic and has lyrics such as Harry Styles “Adore you”. I could see this song being used in an aesthetically pleasing TikTok. This song is most like what ENHYPEN is used to playing, but there is no way that they could go wrong with a classic love song. “몰랐어” is a nice break from the upbeat music that you could find in this album. 

Overall, this album has many options for anyone who is interested in different genres of music.  

This album is more upbeat than their last album, but with a more alternative take. It is very easy to get swept up in the lyrics of the songs, such as the lyrics of “Attention, please!” “Attention please! Please pay attention. Please pay attention.”  All of these songs are very worthy of being used as Tik Tok audio. 

I would have never imagined ENHYPEN making rock music and I usually do not listen to this genre of music; however, with the mix of hard rock and softer vocals it is a surprisingly good mix. Although these songs are a bit more rock than what ENHYPEN usually plays, I think that this album is worthy of a chance. I strongly recommend this album because it involves many different genres of music for anyone and any mood. I’d give it a 10 out of 10.