Movie Review: Dog


Jackson Briggs (Channing Tatum) is a serious, funny former Army Ranger who is eager to come back to work, but isn’t able to due to medical conditions and trauma that happened in the line of duty. Lulu is a canine that served as well in Afghanistan but has not been sent out of headquarters because of her sensitive ears.

Briggs, the former Ranger, likes to argue and complain about what he has to do, but he enjoys going out and having a few drinks.

Lulu and Briggs have to come together to go on a mission as a way to bring Briggs back to work and send Lulu on a final mission to be put out of commision.

This movie is amazing – the adventure, action, the sweet and emotional moments, as well as the small fights in between Briggs and Lulu. The connection between the two that is brought out to the audience from seeing the two interact is truly moving.

After watching the film I can say that it can go both ways on how people feel about it. Some liked it and others disliked it for their own reasons. I liked it a lot. It’s a funny, sentimental movie to enjoy. 

I really enjoyed this movie for several reasons. For example, the bond between Briggs and Lulu, as well as the arguments they had made the characters believable. My favorite parts of the film have to be during the scenes when Briggs struggles with Lulu and panics to find her and says he doesn’t care while running after her.

This movie was great, having a little bit of everything – comedy, drama, heartbreak. However, the friendship of a human and a dog is one of the reasons I wanted to watch the film. I recommend you go watch it with your family and enjoy some quality time together laughing and maybe even crying. Overall, I would rate it a 4/5.