Have some respect and keep your PDA private!

Have some respect and keep your PDA private!

Ah, young love! There’s nothing like finding someone, but during school, the last thing ANYONE wants to see is a couple making out right in front of their face, especially during passing periods. This is a problem many students have to deal with, including myself, and it sucks. 

We get it, you guys love each other and can’t stand 55 minutes without the presence of each other, but most of us don’t want to see you all up on each other exchanging saliva. 

Yes, it is normal for you to kiss your partner and for partners to do couple things but there is always a time and place to do all that. We’re in school, a place to learn, not to have intimate time with your partner. Most students don’t want to walk around the halls to find a couple in every corner making out or touching each other in an extremely inappropriate manner.  

Right now you might be asking yourself “Well, what is considered to be inappropriate and excessive?” Making out with your partner would be the most appropriate, inappropriate thing you can do. The excessive part would be groping your partner and going beyond that. Yes you read that right. Groping is something that goes on in our school. I can say this from what I have seen around school as well as what I’ve heard from a couple of friends. Having to deal with seeing a guy with his hands down his girlfriend’s pants, and vice-versa, is not a pleasant experience. 

Last school year after school, the thing I dreaded was going to my locker because a couple would always be having their intimate time right on my locker. It was one of the most uncomfortable things I have ever experienced. Like most people, I hate confrontation, and having to deal with telling them to politely get out of my way and them being rude and giving me attitude about it every single day was tiring. If you want to make out with your partner please do it where you aren’t blocking someone from reaching their locker. Or just don’t make out with your partner in general. Get a room. Go home! Do your business away from others!

Some appropriate contact would be holding hands, but don’t walk around holding hands with a huge gap between you guys as if an invisible person was right between you. If you want that much space between, just walk alone. In a crowded hall, all you’re doing is creating even more traffic and in a way adding to the passing period chaos. 

I don’t have a problem with couples holding hands, but move fast and just keep the traffic going. Maybe trying to go behind each other in crowded areas, while maintaining physical contact, can limit the amount of traffic created. There have been incidents, which I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s experienced, where a couple was in front of me walking extremely slow making me almost be late to my class. Just because you guys don’t care about what time you get to your class doesn’t mean other people don’t care.  

After four periods, all most of us think about is getting something good to eat and enjoying our 40-minute lunch. But apparently, that’s not in everyone’s mind because all some couples think about is eating each other’s faces. We don’t want to see all that action going on, it just kills the whole mood and it isn’t the most pleasant thing to see. There definitely are more unpleasant things that can happen, for example seeing someone chew with their mouth open or having someone spit in your food, but making out with your partner is on top of the list.

Those in a relationship might call me jealous and that I’m envious because I’m not in a relationship, or that I need to grow up because it’s “normal couple stuff.” But I truly couldn’t care less how you show your partner how much you love them AS LONG as you aren’t blocking the way and being EXTREMELY inappropriate. You also have to remember the fact that this is a school. This isn’t a motel. Please don’t act like it’s one. 

Some might ask,”Well, what should be done?” They shouldn’t “ban” school couples but they should definitely enforce certain rules to limit the amount of students who slam, choke, and make out with their partner. I agree, we’re young and just want to prove our love, but please have some decency and limit the “love” you show your partner. In other words, please stop making out with your partner and grabbing each other’s private parts. I don’t expect supervisors to be on top of every single couple and be in every single corner of the school, but it would be nice for there to be more rules where the couples aren’t all up on each other. YOU can also help stop this. If you’re in a relationship, good for you. I applaud you. But have some respect for the people around you but most importantly for yourself.