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From wrestling to football, athlete Carlos Hernandez has it all.  Carlos, wrestler of 5 years and football player of 6, positioned at running back, gives his biggest advice to all new athletes by mentioning it is important to “Be humble.”  His favorite part about both wrestling and football are getting to hit/slam people without getting in trouble.The multi talented athlete also expressed interest in skating, when talking about our summers. Sharing interests in Vans, a skateboarding brand and Supreme, he mentions obtaining an interest for skating through practicing over summer and these brands. Personally knowing about Supreme and Vans prior to this interview, Supreme advertises through skating in restricted locations, on top of city vehicles and edgy is their way to go versus Vans who plays it safe and has certain shoots at skate parks or sets. I feel like this would be metaphor for Carlos’s life by showing the safe side of his life, wanting to attend UCLA and major in engineering, to the edgy part as he mentions his secret hobbies such as riding go carts and backflips.

Something that really caught my eye was that Hernandez talked about his love for music. Of course at first I wasn’t fazed because I thought everyone loves music, but when he mentioned Bob Marley and Akon, I was totally surprised. Both being completely different types of artist, and also offering so much to the arts this represented Hernandez’s open mind. When elaborating, he mentioned liking Akon due to his interest in the early 2000s and the style within it. He then went in depth with his love for Bob Marley and how he appreciated his voice and unique sound. Something that he felt very strongly about was how he didn’t get how people liked “mainstream” music, or modern music, which I could relate to, he talked about how he didn’t like the amount of cuss words and the message put into the song, mostly summing up why he didn't like this type of music.

As a whole, Hernandez describes himself as someone who “soaks up information and puts it out.” He carries himself as a humble individual whose versatility helps him with that. When asked if he was a leader or follower, he responded by saying that he thinks everyone can be both, it depends how your confidence is at the very moment, and towards that subject. Carlos’ dedication to anything he does and open mind will take him far and I wish him well.


By Serenity Espinoza


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Carlos Hernandez