Students struggle with coming back to school


Students in Mr. Battaglini’s yearbook class work on their stories. While coming back to school has been positive for many, it has had its difficulties. “It’s a struggle transitioning because the social interactions felt new,” said senior Jasmine Ortiz.

Online learning was a struggle for both students and teachers. It was a struggle mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

Coming back to school for in person learning has had its own challenges. Many students had already gotten used to their homes, while others are relieved to be back. This year there are many problems we’re facing, from overcrowded hallways, Coronavirus, and the huge change from quarantine isolation to having to be around people, a lot of people, on an everyday basis..

A majority of the students agree that coming back in person was the best choice because they felt like their growth mentally, physically, and emotionally slowed and they felt isolated. 

Junior Angelo Raya said, “I struggled with online learning. It felt like I wasn’t talking to anyone. I know advisory was supposed to be there to support students in that situation, but it wasn’t helpful to me.” 

For him, and other students alike, they felt like their social connections and skills had been impaired. “Whenever I went out, I was really nervous. I couldn’t look people in the eye. Thankfully, summer school broke the ice.” 

Now that we are back in person, Angelo said he is most looking forward to building the connections and bridges back. He’s going to participate in the Japan club, Kendo club, cross country, and wrestling. 

Academically, students suffered from not being able to learn online. Kino Sanchez, a junior, says, “In in person school, I feel like the teachers spend more time on the students and it helps me learn better.” Kino felt like there wasn’t a connection between the student and the teacher or the material that was being taught. 

Sophomore Bryan Guzman said he prefers in person school. “I like in person school better because I have something to do instead of staying home bored. If we went back online, I would feel very sad.” As an underclassman, Bryan struggles with getting lost around the school. This year, he is looking forward to trying out for baseball. 

A struggle that underclassmen now face, particularly freshmen, is that they hadn’t experienced coming on campus before. When asked if he prefers in person or online school, freshman Cristobal Salvador said, “No school at all, no school is better.” Cristobal says he struggles most with hard assignments and wearing a mask properly. 

Senior Jasmine Ortiz felt just ok about coming back to school. She can see that there are good parts to both online and in person school. 

“I prefer having one on one talk with people, I feel like you can’t do that virtually,” said Jasmine. “It’s a struggle transitioning because the social interactions felt new. Online school is good because it’s easier to avoid certain situations and teachers are more understanding.”

While the challenges of online learning have been replaced with a return to in person learning, Covid-19 has not gone away, and new struggles – wearing a mask, sitting in classrooms full of people, and walking the hallways with 3000 other people have created new issues. Although people are glad to be back, the transition back to in person learning is still a work in progress. There were a lot of struggles involved with online school. As the school year continues, there are still issues that were not around a few years ago.