To mask or not to mask?


More and more students are going maskless, although Covid rates are on the rise in the county.

After wearing masks since August, students and school staff in California were allowed to take them off, if they chose. The mask mandate took effect on March 14, 2022. Since then, many students chose not to wear masks.Many people are being very cautious and they feel much safer with a mask. 

In a survey of over 700 people, 77% of responders have chosen to continue wearing a mask. “I wear my mask because I know that there are new variants of Covid-19 appearing and I don’t really want to get myself or my close ones sick,” said Anthony Garcia. “I wear my mask to school because I have a baby at home and I don’t want to risk her health because of my selfishness and because Covid still exists,” Denisse Hernandez said. 

Even teachers have gotten the freedom to choose. “I am fully vaccinated and science shows that wearing a mask at this point if you are fully vaccinated isn’t necessary. After wearing a mask for 2 years, I am over it,” history teacher Steven Munoz said.

23% of students have chosen to not wear their masks. “I don’t wear my mask at school because it causes me to break out a lot,” said Daniela Reyes. “I don’t wear a mask at school because it allows me to feel free and breathe better. (plus my glasses don’t fog up anymore),” said Emelie Solis. “Students have also chosen to alternate between wearing one and not wearing one under special circumstances. “I feel like I’m more comfortable without my mask and it’s a bother for me, so now that it’s not required I choose not to wear it, except in second period because my teacher has a medical condition so out of respect I do,” said Cristobal Campos. 

So, what will it take for people to completely stop using masks? Guadalupe Ocampo says, “I think once the Covid cases drop and vaccination rates increase I wouldn’t mind not wearing masks anymore.” English teacher Veronica Pulido said, “I would say once I see the number of cases drop dramatically and Covid is not as affecting then I would stop using masks.”