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After I cut my hair, one of my biggest fans was my little sister. Every morning she wakes up and comes over to pet my hair and tells me, “Ooo I like your hair.”

Getting buzzed

May 21, 2020

Self-Care Time

Self-Care Time

May 7, 2020

Making a change for the better

Dulce Mendez, Journalist

April 19, 2018

Have you ever want to sleep in for perhaps “five more minutes”? Have you ever just wanted to skip a day and but not been able to? Experiencing these symptoms have made you feel perhaps mad, irritated, and/or lazy? If so, ...

Taking the plunge, body and soul

Ana Torres, Journalist

November 18, 2016

Being born into a Mexican family, we face many traditions that help shape the person we are, and want to become in life. These traditions have become for many a part of our life. Some traditions are like putting a red brace...

 Gruesome hygiene. The poor cleanliness and awful smell, graffiti on walls and stalls, no vending machines with feminine products, and toilet paper and wrappers of all sorts lying in the stalls.

Porcelain Goddesses

October 27, 2016

The End of Riceland

The End of Riceland

October 26, 2016

Before I started my fitness journey, around January 2016, I was scrawny and did not have as much muscle mass as I wanted. After seven months of hardwork and dedication, I gained more muscle mass and I’m more satisfied with my body now than back then.

My fitness journey

September 26, 2016

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