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After I cut my hair, one of my biggest fans was my little sister. Every morning she wakes up and comes over to pet my hair and tells me, “Ooo I like your hair.”

Getting buzzed

Giselle Gamez, Journalist
May 21, 2020
Self-Care Time

Self-Care Time

Veronica Diaz, Journalist
May 7, 2020
Junior AP teacher, Brad Ashby, prepares his students on what to expect for the AP U.S History test. Junior Ana Torres said, “I feel like this class helped me in a way because it definitely helped me see how college work would be. He made us write a lot, and gave us timed writing. His advice really helped prepare us for the AP test.”

For the Greater Good

Alexis Garcia, Journalist
May 12, 2017

Taking the plunge, body and soul

Ana Torres, Journalist
November 18, 2016
 Gruesome hygiene. The poor cleanliness and awful smell, graffiti on walls and stalls, no vending machines with feminine products, and toilet paper and wrappers of all sorts lying in the stalls.

Porcelain Goddesses

Esther Martinez, Journalist
October 27, 2016
The End of Riceland

The End of Riceland

Chris O. , Reporter
October 26, 2016
Before I started my fitness journey, around January 2016, I was scrawny and did not have as much muscle mass as I wanted. After seven months of hardwork and dedication, I gained more muscle mass and I’m more satisfied with my body now than back then.

My fitness journey

Adali Gonzalez, Journalist
September 26, 2016
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