Getting the Royal Treatment

The Princess Project provides formal dresses for free


Guadalupe Anaya

Seniors Sophia Bobadilla and Jasmine Garcia found the dresses for them. “I really liked that it was fun going out with my friends to get a free prom dress. It was a really nice experience,” Bobadilla said. “I liked how they’re doing this with young girls in high school. It’s really impactful.”

While every young lady may want to be treated like a queen or a princess at some point in her life, few get the chance. The Princess Project looks to make that dream a reality, at least when it comes to getting a dress for a formal dance.

The Princess Project engages with girls all over California to encourage girls to gain confidence and self-esteem on their own body. By providing dresses and accessories for winter ball or prom for those girls who don’t have the funds to purchase their dress.

The project formed in February 2002 when a girl reached out in need of a prom dress. The biggest goal for Activities Director Claudia Chaidez was hoping everyone finds a dress that they are comfortable and confident in. At least one so they can walk away with. Maybe some accessories to go with the dress. So they can enjoy their last year as a senior or junior. “Being able to find a dress so they can participate in school activities would make their school year more fun,”  Chaidez said. 

On November 10th over 200 girls participated. The girls had a variety of dresses to choose from, but they could only get one dress since they will have the opportunity to attend again in  the springtime. 

Many girls felt overwhelmed while picking out a dress. “I felt really nervous just because I didn’t really think they would have my size or have a big variety of dresses to choose from or have nice colors,” senior Diana Martinez said. 

In these difficult financial times, the girls were grateful for the chance to get a WInter Ball dress for free. “Yes, it really benefits me and my parents, in the way that their income is really low right now, and it was like a dream of getting the opportunity to have a beautiful dress,” senior Carolina Nava said. 

They are planning on going again this spring, for girls to get their prom or graduation dress. “I’m hoping to take 250 girls this time,” Jennifer Bunden said. “I’m assuming it’s going to get bigger and bigger.”