Golub honored with Teacher of the Year



Alisal’s Teacher of the Year, Gary Golub, helps Natalie Cortes with her assignment in Transition to College Level Math. “I believe Mr. Golub is a good teacher because he’s always in an energetic mood and it’s easily noticeable that he genuinely cares and enjoys teaching as well as engaging with students,” Cortes said.

Teachers work many hours, tirelessly providing good quality lessons for their students. Some teachers even get recognized for their effort and hard work. This year, math teacher Gary Golub won teacher of the year for Alisal High School. 

He is very honored to have won and have the title of “Teacher Of The Year,” as well as students and staff are happy to see him be Teacher of the Year. “I think it’s a wonderful honor to have won teacher of the year,” Golub said. Math teacher  Carola Beussen has been working with Golub since 2005,and said, “Mr. Golub totally deserves it, he is very much involved here at school. He is a very likable math teacher and he connects very well with his students.”

French teacher Patricia Mason nominated Golub. She believes that the teachers who have the most years teaching here deserve to be teacher of the year and Golub is one of those teachers. “He is a teacher who is excited about what he teaches,” Mason said. “He is a person who brings a brightness to math for his students.” She sees the dedication that he puts into work and how good his students talk about him and his way of teaching math. “I have worked with him for 15 years,” she said, “he puts so much dedication in his students, he always gets to school early and goes home late. He has a lot of enthusiasm for teaching, he really deserved it.” 

Golub has been teaching here for 20 years and throughout those years he did not just teach, he put enthusiasm and a lot of energy into teaching so that his students can actually learn, be involved, and not be bored. “I find the most enjoyment in making a difference in students’ lives, creating an enjoyable math experience so that students will look back and just feel happy that they had me as a teacher and have my math class,” Golub said. 

Golub has a motivation for teaching because he really enjoys what he does and he finds that collaborating with high school students is fun and he always gets good comments and compliments on how good of a teacher he is and those comments make him keep more motivated because he knows he is doing a great job. Not only does he teach, but he is also the announcer for football games, as well as basketball games and he makes them really fun so that everyone can enjoy watching but also know what’s going on. What really inspires him is seeing how he is a role model towards his students and how he sets really good examples so that students can grow up to be productive members of society and so that they can do something that they enjoy doing and so that they make a difference in other people’s lives. “He has a positive outlook, he really enjoys students and students seem to really connect with him into which they keep in contact over the years, so he is a great influence for our students here at Alisal, ” Beussen said. 

Students believe that Golub is a great teacher and they love his unique way of teaching. “What makes Golub a good teacher is how he is always in a good mood and he always has a positive attitude as well as he’s full of energy every day,” Angela Ceja said. “I believe Mr. Golub is a good teacher because he’s always in an energetic mood and it’s easily noticeable that he genuinely cares and enjoys teaching as well as engaging with students,” Natalie Cortes said.