Inspiration from an unexpected source


At times we don’t take people’s advice, because we feel a bit superior to them. Whether it is clothes, classes, friends, or food, we don’t want people telling us what to do because we think we know better.

For me, I don’t want people telling me what to eat. I love food, junk food in particular. I know it’s bad for you and I don’t really need people telling me it’s bad.

Recently a friend, Marlyn Sanchez, was concerned about my health due this constant intake of unhealthy foods. Her scolding has given me motivation to eat healthy again. It’s weird because I’ll be in class eating – Wing Stop or In-N-Out – and she’ll have me feeling ashamed about my food choices. She’s the one giving me the advice and help I need, and I listen to her even though I’m used to being stubborn and not wanting to listen to anyone whatsoever.

The funny part about this is that she’s a freshman and I’m a senior. Most people think that a freshman would be taking advice from a senior, but in this case it’s not like that. There comes a time when those older than us will ask for our help, and it makes us feel important, but it just comes to show that we all need each other and the knowledge we have. The same thing happened with me and Marlyn, even though I thought I wouldn’t be able to stay committed to these healthy eating habits, she was there with me every step of the way. I would have never thought that I would be taking advice from an underclassman, but here I am.

Marlyn taught me a lot about drinking water, my health, exercising, and things that I probably already knew but didn’t want to do.  For some reason, I was open to her comments, and caring remarks about my health even though she’s so much younger than I.

The funny thing is I ended up going to the doctor due to a couple health problems I was having and I saw how my eating habits actually do affect me and how my friend was a little wiser than what I gave her credit for.  So, as much as it pains me, I’m eating better and feeling better thanks to Marlyn. It just goes to show that it pays to be open to advice, regardless of the source, because sometimes they might just be right.