Making an impact in America

Keedron Bryant delivers a powerful message through his music


For most preteens, playing video games and dreading school are pretty common activities. It’s the part of our lives where we begin to create our own realities and begin to daydream of different lives. From dreaming of becoming a rapper, money and fame, and living the lifestyle, Keedron Bryant is making his dreams a reality.

Bryant is not your average 14 year old. He is a rising sensation born in Sicily, Italy, and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. Born to Johnnetta Bryant and Kendric Bryant, who are both ministers. His father served in the United States Navy, which according to Bryant, “It was hard on me.” While he was only a child, his father went to shore for roughly 7-8 months which played a heavy toll on Bryant and his overall well being. His mother has played a big role in his life and influence. “She helps out on most of the songs,” he said.

Balancing school and music has been a challenge. “I try and stay focused, especially in school,” he said. “It does get busy and stressful, but I try and have fun through it all.”

Part of staying balanced is participating on his high school track team.  “It’s my first year in high school track, but I did run track in 5th through 8th,” he said. “I do like it, it’s another hobby that I like to do.” 

Keedron began singing at just five years old. Attending church regularly, he developed

a passion for gospel music. The budding talent first turned heads on season four of Little Big Shots. The show invited Bryant to perform after his live acapella singing videos took a surge in views and likes online. 

Following the death of George Floyd, Bryant and his mother felt the need to voice their thoughts, which led to the song being written by his mother. Keedron catapulted to the top of the conversation when he uploaded his acapella version on May 26 in 2020, landing a deal with Warner Records and releasing the official “I JUST WANNA LIVE” single as his debut. His mother went on to tell ET Canada, “I feel proud of this young man being so passionate about change, as a mom, proud, I’m proud but I’m beyond that… I am happy I am able to see itt.”

Building off the success of “I Just Wanna Live” Bryant caught the attention of the industry after articles in Rolling Stone and TIME praised his music. TIME Magazine called Bryant “an Anthem for Justice”.

Since its release, “I Just Wanna Live” has accumulated over 5 millions streams. Bryant has collaborated with artists such as Andra Day, Lucky Daye, IDK and made new connections through various outlets, from big names such as Dr. Dre, Nick Cannon, Elmo, and even receiving praise from Barack Obama and LeBron James. “I was really surprised and yet still grateful for people in the industry – big legends and icons – mentioning me and reposting and being inspired and commenting and sharing it,” he said,

 He has since released eight individual tracks, two albums and two EPs. His latest song, “Everything”, was written by his mother and released along with his EP, “KEEDRON”. He said, “I want people to just take away what I deliver through my music and my message, I believe I want to make an impact on this world.”

As Bryant moves on up on the success ladder, he told “The View” that he hopes to be a “beacon of light” and have a positive impact on people’s lives. “I want people to just take away what I deliver through my music and my message, I believe I want to make an impact on this world.”