Relationships and Red Flags: What to watch out for

Today it can be hard to commit to a relationship, especially when you’re a girl. Even when you are at the talking stage, it’s important to be on the lookout for red flags. Everyone has a different opinion of what might be a red flag, and these are mine.

When it comes to the talking stage, things are not always clear. When talking to someone it is important to make sure both of you are on the same page because misinterpretations are common. In the past I’ve encountered  people who are apparently in the  talking stage, but are seen with another person and their fast response might be “we were not dating.”

It’s during the talking stage that you see how a person treats and acts in certain situations. By being on the lookout for Red flags it will help avoid problems, especially if you plan on moving to the next step.

Red flags should be taken into consideration, but not to the point where you seem too much. Always take into consideration that not every man is the same. The most important thing to do is to get to know your significant other slowly but surely. Sometimes it is better to take in the red flag rather than ending up hurt at the end of it all. 

Red flag #1 They do not want to pass the talking stage. 

When partners have been talking for more than 3 months and they know they want to be together but do not want to take the next step, that should be considered a red flag. After a while it should be clear whether you want to fully commit to the person or not. I’ve seen this happen to close friends and I feel like that should be a hint to where you either say something or distance yourself. 

Red flag #2 They manipulate you

Manipulation is a red flag whether it is family, friends, or significant people. When your significant other makes you feel bad about yourself. For example, when you both argue about a situation and they find a way to flip it all on you, to make you seem like the one at fault. That is something to look out for because that’s how they get out of the situation. In my own personal experience, manipulating you or the situation is a way for someone to hide their own guilt.

Red flag #3 They flirt with others. 

Flirting is a way of leading others on, therefore it can lead to either gender being tempted to be  with another person,differently than the one they’re currently with, whether it’s in the talking stage or in a relationship. When in a relationship or in a talking stage it is important to take this into consideration as there should be boundaries that should be followed as a way to show your partner respect. If flirting constantly happens in a talking stage then it should be considered a red flag.  When your person seems a little too friendly with others  when in the talking stage it should make you wonder whether they’ll be like that in an actual relationship. I personally think this a red flag because that shows your partner will have no interest in moving on to the next step.

Red flag #4 Being disrespectful to others 

Respect is important in every aspect of a relationship, but when it comes to disrespecting  elders, such as their mother, that should be taken into consideration. Respect is something that says a lot about a person. When you are with your significant other it is important to see if they carry that trait, if they can’t be respectful to others what makes you think they’re going to be respectful to you in the long run? Recognize this before it’s too late to prevent insults or other forms of disrespect. 

Red flag #5 If they never care about anything you do  

Last, but not least, if they do not seem to care about anything you do shows a lack of interest. If you do not show effort and always would rather be with another person rather than the one you are talking to, it says a lot and should be talked about. It is important to know whether the other person wants you or not, so do not be scared to ask if they really care. It’s always important to go straight to the point for both parties.

These aren’t all the possible red flags, but in my opinion, these are the ones girls should be on the lookout for, if they are looking to have a relationship with someone who will care about them and respect them. In a relationship it always takes two. You can do your part, but it won’t matter if they do not do theirs.