Girls’ Golf aim for back to back champions


Jessica Hernandez

At their match against King CIty High School and Notre Dame High School on September 20, senior Arianna Saldana makes a putt at the 3rd hole on the King City Golf Course. The Trojans would fall short to both the Spirits and the Mustangs, 349-324-322.

After coming back from a league winning season, the girls’ golf team hoped to match that success, while still having fun. 

The stakes coming off a winning season are always higher, as expectations are naturally raised.  “This year, my expectations are to win league again.” Grant stated. This goal is not far from reach as the team’s scores against #1 Monte Vista significantly dropped during the second match against them. 

Grant’s clear love for the sport is easily observed through his coaching, which by a domino effect is passed on to his players. “The grit that sums up our team. We have the grit and persevere, no matter the obstacle we can overcome it,.” Grant said.

Last year when the team went 6-2, there was confusion as to why they weren’t participating in CCS. “People are confusing that with the league championship,”Grant said. “We won the league championship but that doesn’t automatically qualify you unfortunately.” Senior Arianna Saldana agreed, “This year’s competition was much stronger and with the help of our returning and new players we have made great efforts against them.”

It definitely helped the team’s chances by having a strong group of returners, including seniors Arianna Saldana and Karen Perez-Guido, junior Ilana Mendez, and sophomores Laura Magana and Alicia Ferrel. 

This season the team introduced three new players: seniors Diana Romero and Miriam Perez- Guido, sophomores Diana Cruz and Sarah Ann Saing, and freshman Vanessa Zuniga. “I was really excited but nervous to try out a new sport,” Romero said. “The environment is really different from my past sport in the best way possible, it was relieving that the pressure wasn’t the same,” she added. Romero has been a positive attribute to the team, scoring a 50 on her second match against North Monterey County. 

After a victory against Watsonville and defeat by Monte Vista during last league match, they are currently sitting at the #2 spot in their division. Their overall record is 5-3, putting them at a comfortable, but competitive spot going into the league championship. They will be facing off against Notre Dame, North Monterey County, Monte Vista, and Watsonville at the league championship on October 25 at Laguna Seca in hopes of becoming back to back champions. “I know we’re capable of winning and hope we can add another year to our banner,” Saldana said. 

 “This year’s competition was much stronger and with the help of our returning and new players we have made great efforts against them,” returning star player Arianna Saldana said. With a bigger team comes a better chance at a stronger one. “They’re truly a strong and solid group of girls,” Grant said.